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USO Show Visits Kepler Station

by Caroline Post, FNN News Anchor, Kepler News

The Breen Sisters

Harry Felldon was there, along with T'Kara, The Breen Sisters, Ambassador Spock, President Gregor Polodev, his wife Rosina, Jonathan Archer, Captain Kirk, Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, and a cast of thousands. This isn't a report from the Old Earth Era — it's a brief review of the sold-out USO Show which came in on the Vulcan ship. Because of the continued popularity of these time-honored performers and diplomats, it was truly an experience I hope you didn't miss. If you did, maybe you'll catch the next one.

Not only was the audience entertained by the performers, all portrayed by the appropriate racial double, but everyone was able to see photos of the real characters displayed holographically around the auditorium before the show began. None of us really knew what to expect. Oh, there really wasn't a cast of thousands, only about 20. Not all of those performing were impersonators of an earlier era, only about half. All of the performers were excellent, however.

Jessica Murphy, as Marilyn Monroe, sings "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend."
The program began with a wonderful band, and continued through singers, dancers, speech-makers and even comedians. The featured comedian, Robson Dale - a late addition to the show's list - had the audience laughing, even as the bands had us tapping our feet and the diplomats had us listening to a piece of history.
Derek Jones, as Jonathan Archer
The diplomats represented were all responsible in some way for our eventual placement of Kepler Station in the Delta Quadrant. It was interesting to hear the voices from the past, to listen to the dreams they'd had, the things they envisioned that are now coming to pass through us.

There was a nominal charge for the show. Half the proceeds from will go to the Starfleet Widows and Orphans Fund, to help pay for college scholarships. The remainder helps support the USO missions in Starfleet. As we know, they go to the farthest outposts to bring a little piece of home and entertainment to Starfleet personnel. It was an historic first for Kepler Station, and we'll hope to see more in the future.

Gallery of Show Shots

Amy Jackson, as Judy Garland, sings "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."
Aarron Sveginsky as Gregor Polodev, great set!
T'gor as Spock, stock photo by Spelo