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Alex is a thirty-three year old living in the main island of the Kingdom of Hawaii where he overlooks Pearl Harbor and grills every weekend for his wife and three children. He was baptized a Catholic, attended a Protestant preparatory school, but raised a Russian Orthodox. He is a sensational jingoist and makes pithy comments to the talking heads on the television concerning global foolishness but in the end enjoys his small secluded, day in the sun. He has a college education and works in the direct sales financial sector, but finds solace in simms such as Kepler Station. Eventually, he dreams of being the "cool dad" when his kids become teens and publish his fictional stories, though not necessarily in that order.

Player Character

Cadet4.png4th Year Cadet Rexus Spokar | Tactical Cadet

Protected Non-Player Characters

Blank.pngAshram Ben Valius (PNPC) | Owner of the Royal Corellian Trading Company

Former Characters

Blank.pngMiles Santori (PNPC) | "Crazy Ei8hts" Lounge Owner & Main Bartender

Blank.pngGrey Daughtry (PNPC) | Civilian Contractor

Blank.pngRozalyn (PNPC) | Wandering Visitor

Crewman2.pngCrewman Apprentice Angelika Greiss (PNPC) | Scientist's Apprentice

Blank.pngIsabella Milano (PNPC) | Former MIA / Prisoner