From Station


Player Character

Lieutenant.pngLieutenant John Reynolds | Chief Security and Tactical Officer

Protected Non-Player Characters

Command / EOA

Captain.pngCaptain Nikolas G. Bakyr (PNPC) | Commanding Officer

Lieutenant-Commander.pngLieutenant Commander Anthony Franklin (PNPC) | Starfleet Security Representative

Lieutenant-Commander.pngLieutenant Commander Hank McAllister (PNPC) | Starfleet Diplomatic Representative / EOA Chairman

Lieutenant.pngLieutenant Ivan Tillman (PNPC) | Starfleet Science Ops Representative

Ensign.pngEnsign Sha Shan‏ Robertson (PNPC) | Starfleet Engineering Corps Representative


Lieutenant.pngLieutenant Fernando Smith (PNPC) | Chief Engineer, U.S.S. Tokyo-B

Ensign.pngEnsign Andrew Jefferson (PNPC) | Flight Control Officer

CPO.pngChief Petty Officer Harrison Matthews (PNPC) | Assistant Chief Security Officer, U.S.S. Endeavour-A

PO2.pngPetty Officer 2nd Class Nilari Roessler (PNPC) | Master At Arms

PO3.pngPetty Officer 3rd Class Charlotte Wilson (PNPC) | Transport Specialist

Cadet4.png4th Year Cadet Zach Eastman (PNPC) | Medical Cadet


Major.pngMajor Eugene Reynolds (PNPC) | Head of Security, Tiberius Station 71

Blank.pngHolly O'Malley (PNPC) | Holograph

Blank.pngEugene Reynolds (PNPC) | Civilian Private Security

Blank.pngKage (PNPC) | Body Guard

Blank.pngKittiana Novus (PNPC) | Manager, Emporium

Blank.pngKyle Stewart (PNPC) | Owner, Music Moon

Blank.pngNuii (PNPC) | Saba's Daughter

Blank.pngSaba (PNPC) | Diplomatic Representative

Blank.pngS'pa'kal Hamilton (PNPC) | Computer Specialist, Janus Outpost

Blank.pngViolet Matthews (PNPC) | Personal Assistant

Non-Player Characters

Ensign.pngEnsign Lestru Shule (NPC) | Security / Tactical

PO2.pngPetty Officer 2nd Class Derek Sullivan (NPC) | Security / Tactical

PO3.pngPetty Officer 3rd Class Patakin Singh (NPC) | Security / Tactical

PO3.pngPetty Officer 3rd Class Li Zhōu (NPC) | Security / Tactical

PO3.pngPetty Officer 3rd Class Wamker (NPC) | Engineer's Mate

Crewman1.pngCrewman Sven Stevenson (NPC) | Transport Operator

Blank.pngRaal Uppee (NPC) | Owner, The Muffin Man

Former Characters

Crewman1.pngYeoman Judith Pond (PNPC) | Captain's Yeoman

Ensign.pngEnsign Jemima Anderson (PNPC) | Head Nurse

Blank.pngKarik (PNPC) | Civilian Geologist

PO2.pngPetty Officer 2nd Class Judd Fitzgerald (NPC) | Engineer

PO3.pngPetty Officer 3rd Class Lee Tamahere (NPC) | Security / Tactical