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Player Character

Commander.pngCommander Isis Rae | Executive Officer

Protected Non-Player Characters

Lieutenant.pngLieutenant Iari Eolical (PNPC) | Starfleet Intelligence Representative

Lieutenant-JG.pngLieutenant JG Cassiopeia Yale (PNPC) | Assistant Chief Medical Officer / Pediatrician

Ensign.pngEnsign Phoebe Paean (PNPC) | Environmental Officer, Janus Outpost

Blank.pngVyrs (PNPC) | Sanitation Engineer Extraordinare

Blank.pngMaxwell "Bruiser" Roessler (PNPC) | Captain, ITA Dacoit

Blank.pngShivani Vilina (PNPC) | Engineer, ITA Dacoit

Blank.pngSchass (PNPC) | Crewman, ITA Dacoit

Blank.pngS'Terrh N'Vek (PNPC) | Crewman, ITA Dacoit

Blank.pngMota Ekira (PNPC) | Medic, ITA Dacoit

Blank.pngTais Ysere (PNPC) | Cook, ITA Dacoit

Blank.pngQuequao (PNPC) | Owner, The Targ Pit

Blank.pngSerisse (PNPC) | Hostess, The Targ Pit

Blank.pngAyam Sey Whatt (PNPC) | Wandering Artist / Visitor

Former Characters

Blank.pngKa'ar (PNPC) | Crewman, ITA Dacoit

Blank.pngCipolas (PNPC) | Crewman, ITA Dacoit

Blank.pngRayt Llierd (PNPC) | Crewman, ITA Dacoit

Blank.pngTank Llierd (PNPC) | Crewman, ITA Dacoit

Captain.pngCaptain Ustis (PNPC) | JAG Prosecutor

Blank.pngChristopher Wood (PNPC) | Wandering Artist / Visitor

Blank.pngDoctor Jozef Rasmussen (PNPC) | Medical, SS Dalliance