V 1.1

From Station

Bits and Bites, v 1.1

by Caroline Post

  • Angry Yeoman? A certain yeoman to our commander seems to be flying under a dark cloud. Either the job causes her to frown often, or her supervisor is getting under her lovely skin. Come to think of it, the commander doesn't seem to smile much after meeting with her, either.
  • Who's the Bajoran? Seeming to haunt the corridors on a late night jog, a Bajoran Petty Officer was seen up and down corridors, and popping in and out of Jeffries tubes. Who is this mystery man, and what's he doing?
  • Another Guy on a Space Station? That's how our new XO described himself to me in a bar encounter. A long way from home, and maybe lonely? Just take a tip from me. The XO isn't interested in rumors. Just the facts, ma'am.
  • Promotion list! Our Security Chief, David S. Roberts, has received a promotion to Lieutenant. Be sure to congratulate him when you pass him in the corridors.
  • Who was eating what in the Treetop Lounge today? The Kepler Station commander was seen having lunch with his Security Chief and Marine Commander. Could it have been crow sandwiches? The Marine Commander didn't seem especially thrilled with lunch, and maybe the topic of conversation didn't agree with him either, since he left suddenly.