V 1.2

From Station

Bits and Bites, v 1.2

by Caroline Post

  • An Unconscious Borg? How can such a thing be? Aren't they all connected to the collective? How would one get on Kepler Station? Who would put it there? That's right, folks. We have nothing but questions about this one!
  • Orchids & Jazz This lounge on Deck 9 is becoming quite a hot spot. Seen lunching there this week was the sexy Chief Engineer, among others. Try a luncheon, or an afternoon cocktail made with authentic jazz-era recipes. Stop in just to listen to the jazz. It's a unique spot.
  • Mystery Man killed with Candlestick Speaking of the jazz lounge, a rather uncomfortable event took place in the loft. The victim is, so far, unidentified. Security is working with scant clues, but I hear they plan to interview Dash Harken, who protested his innocence in the case.
  • Replicating what? Unless you want something very odd, don't use the replicator inside the mess on Deck 12. Our good-looking chief Engineer was trying to figure out what wires got crossed, but last I looked, he was still getting gravy when he asked for water.
  • Ambassador Sagin! The Ambassador is certainly making the rounds of the lovely ladies on Kepler. I saw him chatting up Zoey Thomas in the Arboretum.
  • The Captain Gets Around! Another male exploring possibilities seems to be our station commander. I didn't see it, but someone told me he was carrying a half-naked lovely young thing through the Arboretum to his quarters.