V 2.1

From Station

Bits and Bites, v 2.1

by Caroline Post

  • Staff Meeting Extrodinaire - It seems there was a lot of huffing and puffing at the first Kepler command staff meeting, not to mention sandwiches and fruit. Already the command group is overworked and grumpy. The Marine CO showed up with grease on his face and a ripped uniform. Words were exchanged between the captain and his Security Chief, and the meeting was topped off with an interruption by the intrepid Ambassador Sagin.
  • Tiddleoffs? What, pray tell, are Tiddleoffs? Whatever they are, they will be visiting Kepler Station in only a few hours!
  • Is the CMO two-timing? This reporter thought that Captain Shard and Lt. O'Brien had a real thing going, but the Lieutenant was seen in the company of the Chief Operations Officer after the staff meeting. Is there trouble in paradise?
  • Russian Tales - Who is that attractive young fighter pilot with the fabulous accent and a saying of her father's for every situation? She seems to pop up everywhere on the station!
  • Crushes? It seems a certain crewman has a crush on a particular engineer, and manages to wind up in his lap quite often. Anything up there, Mr. Engineer?