V 2.3

From Station

Bits and Bites, v 2.3

by Caroline Post

  • What's Going On? A certain male crew member was seen sneaking out of the Station Commander's quarters at 0400. He looked a little worse for the wear. I wonder what that's about?
  • Target Practice The target range has been getting a lot of use lately. First the Marines were hogging it and now the Security and Intelligence Chiefs were having a tete a tete between firing rounds.
  • Musicale There seems to be some swapping going on around Kepler ~ musical talent swapping, that is. A flute-like sound playing temple music was heard outside a certain Lt. Commander's quarters. A violin solo of Siegfried Idyll followed it. Both pieces were played very well, and the music was heavenly. Perhaps the musicians should come out of the quarters to entertain us all!
  • Bonsai A Bonsai garden seems to be developing in a corner of the Arboretum. Don't miss the work of our Security Chief.
  • Kitty Ducks A new vocabulary word, descriptive of the visitors to Kepler, is making the rounds of the station. Just don't make the mistake of thinking these people are anything like the pets you know. I'm sure they have hidden depths that would make them unsuitable for that position. What is our Commander doing to safe-guard all of us?