V 2.4

From Station

Bits and Bites, v 2.4

by Caroline Post

  • Mystery in the Basement? That's right, folks, my sources say we have another mystery on Kepler Station. Rather than a murder, this time it's a missing person. Who's missing? The Borg drone! Watch out for assimilation activities! Or maybe it's a simple case of Borgnapping. (Ooops! Was that classified information? The people have a right to know!)
  • Lunch Out, Anyone? The good doctor was seen in Orchids & Jazz having lunch earlier today. The place is becoming a popular hangout. Shortly after Dr. O'Brien left, the Chief of Security was chatting up the owner and having lunch.
  • Kitty Duck Strike! It seems there's some security footage making the rounds. Of course, I can't say what's on it, but I will say it appears that there was no threat in the recent meeting of our two ships. Other than the one brought by the Kitty Ducks, of course.
  • Welcome Home, Ambassador The whole station will be happy to know that Ambassador Sagin made it back from his brief stay on the KD ship. What he saw he's not telling yet. Watch for an interview soon!
  • Are the Marines Revolting? Some always think they so, of course. The Marine commander was seen striding purposefully toward the office of Kepler's commander, and he didn't look like he was going for tea and crumpets.