V 2.5

From Station

Bits and Bites, v 2.5

by Caroline Post

  • Secure Romance? It seems that our Security Chief is seen coming and going, always visiting with a beautiful woman. Is it business? Or monkey business?
  • Concert at Orchids & Jazz That's what it seemed, anyway, as I walked past the door. I poked my head in to discover the beautiful Marine Pilot, Svetlana Ivanova, has yet another talent. She plays the piano like a classical concert pianist.
  • What's Happening in Engineering? It would appear that a recent transfer from Engineering had good reason. A beautiful woman fleeing the quarters of the Chief Engineer clutching a pillow makes one pause to wonder exactly what was served for dinner.
  • Treehouse Lounge Once again, the Treehouse Lounge seems to be the tryst of choice for possible lovers on Kepler. Both the major hunk Marine CO and his pretty and talented medical doctor were seen looking at the stars. Almost immediately after they left (and that wasn't a fireman's carry he was using to transport her out of the lounge!), the Security Chief showed up with what certainly looked like a date with a beautiful woman.
  • The Borg? And where is that pesky Borg, anyway?