V 2.6

From Station

Bits and Bites, v 2.5

by Caroline Post

  • Borg Found! Or maybe several. It's reported, off the cuff, that the Borg from the Basement was activated by a member of the science department, who was then the first to be converted to Borg.
  • Party! Meanwhile, in Orchids & Jazz, quite a number of people spent the evening enjoying jazz and each other's company. The combo played well past it's closing time, and those who were tired found sleeping spots upstairs on the second floor.
  • Missing & Mayhem! Everywhere on the ship, people were misplaced and mayhem ensued. The oh-so-handsome engineering boss found himself with an extra scientist and a missing petty officer. Will this be one of those events where, forever afterward, everyone remembers 'where they were when?'
  • Romance? Yes, even with all the running amuck about the station, there was a moment of romance here and there. Was that the Intelligence Chief getting it on with the Security Chief in the cleaning closet?
  • Poker at Midnight? Who was in Sickbay with a deck of cards during Fright Night? That's right, a doctor, bored out of her skull until two security team members showed up to provide a little distraction. Keeping guns, and one eye each, on doorways made it difficult to beat the doctor, who has been practicing with the Marines.