V 3.1

From Station

Bits and Bites, v 3.1

by Caroline Post

  • USS Discovery Welcome to the many new crew and civilians who arrived on USS Discovery recently. It looks like the science for which the station shall become known is about to begin with a planned off-station mission.
  • New XO There's a new XO in town. That's good, since Captain Blake needs all the help he can get. A most hearty welcome is extended to Lieutenant Commander Pr'ithitan "Prith" Ch'gra'thaniy. It seems he has a Terran dog along. That's a novelty!
  • New ACMO More new crew! Dr. O'Brien now has an assistant, Dr. Raoden Imenand. He has a nice smile . . . and he was practicing it on the Chief Medical Officer, according to sources. Better watch out Captain Shard!
  • Heartthrobs? As this reporter watched the new station personnel disembark from Discovery, it was noted that there is plenty of new talent, male and female on the station. Some of them were already establishing new friendships and romances the very same day. Watch your heart!
  • Warning It seems the Chief Medical Officer has found a new and deadly disease. Death by gray hair. You might want to check your head to see if you are suffering the symptoms of scattered strands of gray.