V 3.2

From Station

Bits and Bites, v 3.2

by Caroline Post

  • Restless Captain? It seems our valiant station commander is having trouble sleeping these days. Either that, or he just likes exercising in the gymnasium at 0430. Stranger things have been known, often by Captain Blake.
  • Awards There's a rumor that a child on Kepler will be receiving an award for courage shown in our recent Borg incursion. No name is mentioned, because of age, but congratulations are extended by FNN.
  • Setup? Was a new parent on Kepler recently set-up with a date by his son? Details are skimpy, but knowing children, I'm betting he was.
  • Treehouse Lounge The Lounge will be going full tilt soon, under new manager, Vera Ataz, and I hear those with an itch to scratch may find comfort in the Limbs portion of the facilities.
  • USO Dropout I hear we have a new jazz pianist starting at Orchids & Jazz tomorrow night. Apparently, the USO show was too dull for Mr. Robson "Robbie" Dale, and he's chosen to stick with the frontier life here on Kepler ... for a while.