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Valentine's Day has come to Kepler Station and the chubby cherub has his work cut out for him with this lot!

Mission Log:

0 - Judith Pond, Nikolas Bakyr

  • MD 1, 0859
  • With order somewhat restored to Kepler Station after the ordeal created by Species 0013, Nikolas takes stock of their current standing in the eyes of the EOA and the Admiralty back on Earth. Finding the act of recording his log one of the best methods for ordering his thoughts, the Trill goes through a mental check list of everything that had been, and needs to be, accomplished recently.

1 - T'Vei

  • MD 1, 1045
  • Having found meditation only mildly successful in helping her process the issues created by recent events, T'Vei decides to let off some steam via a fighting simulation in the Holosuite.

2 - Rexus Spokar, Maya Takagi

  • MD 1, 1000
  • Reporting to Maya at the EOA Home Office, Rexus drops off a series of completed projects and is given a quick blood test to ascertain whether or not he has been drinking too closely to his shift. Something that had helped lead to his current predicament and transfer from Security to Operations.

3 - Violet Matthews, Rexus Spokar

  • MD 1, 1054
  • As Violet carries out some of the duties required for her new job as Hide's Personal Assistant, Rexus arrives early for an appointment. Having both been fairly busy the past few days, neither have had much of a chance to catch up and agree to arrange a lunchtime meeting, perhaps with Cassi, as soon as possible.

4 - Hideyoshi Shimura, Rexus Spokar

  • MD 1, 1128
  • Not having seen Rexus in a little while, Hide is brought up to speed on some of the things his friend has been up to. Starting with his feelings on recent events, through to his transfer to Operations, his thoughts on Violet working in proximity to his counselling notes, and then finally to the matter of his philandering. This leads to a rather disturbing trend Rexus has been experiencing for the past two weeks; nightmares of him repeatedly killing Zoey. However Hide assures him that this is merely his subconscious attempting to process everything that his conscious mind keeps claiming he isn't bothered by.

5 - Zachary Eastman, Bianca Shallen

  • MD 2, 1632
  • With Bianca's birthday coming in two days, Zach decides to get in early and give her a present; a small silver necklace in the shape of a compass. In his continued attempt to make sure that she's doing alright, and try to convince her that he's someone worth getting to know better, the Medical student uses flight training as an excuse to spend some more time with her in the near future.

6 - T'Vei, Grey Daughtry

  • MD 1, 1200
  • Following her session on the holodeck, T'Vei comes across Grey who invites her back to his place for lunch. Despite quickly agreeing, T'vei finds herself unsure as to whether or not she wants to spend time with someone who had practically been stalking her when they first met. But in need of someone to talk to, she decides to go ahead. After meeting Grey's new cat, and offering the name Hazel as a suggestion, their discussion moved towards her childhood and home.

7 - Andrea Carter, Alex McDonald

  • MD 1, 1900
  • The two former Renaissance crew members meet up on the holodeck to spend some quiet time, under an artificial sun, enjoying a special, multi-coloured drink created by Alex.

8 - Noah Slater

  • MD 1, 1200
  • Oblivious to the looming romantic holiday, Noah has instead been dedicating his time to studying long-range sensor readings taken of a nebula with strange gravitational fields in the surrounding area. Hoping that he can convince the Captain to allow a team to go and check it out, he starts work on a probe which may answer a few questions in the short-term.

9 - Hideyoshi Shimura, Maya Takagi

  • MD 1, 1600
  • With their only source of information locked away in the Brig under the watchful eye of Lt. Reynolds, Maya begins to doubt that they will ever be able to accomplish their task. However, the silver lining is how adept Hide seems to be at his new role as spy and would-be traitor. Deciding to arrange for Judd's release under the guise of psychological concerns, the conversation briefly turns to their personal lives before Maya quickly puts an end to it.

10 - Henry McAllister, Isis Rae

  • MD 1, 1027
  • With the discovery of the USS Karl Benz but not the missing prisoner or Petty Officer, Henry decides that the time has come to step up their efforts in locating Mustava by using the tracking device that Isis put on the Orion's ship. When he arrives at her office to discuss the matter, the Trill provides him with a plan she had been working on to commandeer a civilian vessel and set out to put an end to this permanently. Henry readily agrees and offers any resources she needs to accomplish the task as quickly as possible.

11 - Vilgi Morr, Rexus Spokar

  • MD 1, 0845
  • Starting early on their duties, Vilgi sets Rexus a list of tasks that they need to achieve before the day is out.

12 - T'Vei, Karik, Nuii, Kage

  • MD 1, 1815
  • With a number of the patrons choosing to remain at home for their meals, the Lounge is far quieter than normal when Karik stops by to see how T'Vei is doing two weeks after he last saw her. Being understandably shaken about the whole thing, T'Vei tries to believe Karik when he says that the creature is no longer able to cause trouble; but she is a little nervous about the fact that Starfleet have chosen to study it. Their peace is shattered when Nuii springs up and accosts Karik. Accompanied by Kage, the two female Oratti are visiting the Lounge to experience life on the station now that they have become a little more accustomed to life away from their ocean home.

13 - Kittiana Novus, T'Vei

  • MD 2, 1219
  • After enjoying a nice hot shower, Kitt mistakes T'Vei's arrival for Rexus and embarrasses her slightly by calling her sexy. Recovering quickly from the mistake the pair start discussing whether or not the half-Vulcan has gotten herself involved in a date with Grey.

14 - Rexus Spokar, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD 1, 1305
  • Bumping into Cassi as she contemplates what holoprogram to use, Rexus invites himself along and attempts his first ever horse riding expedition. As the pair catch up on recent events Rexus tries his best to feel out the situation with Cassi and whether or not he has a chance with her. Cassi on the other hand has no interest in that sort of topic. Eventually reaching a pond Rexus convinces Cassi to give him an impromptu lesson in swimming again which ends after a little horsing around has them both soaking wet.

15 - Isabella Milano, Hideyoshi Shimura

  • MD 2, 1000
  • Hide comes up with a plan to help Bella readjust to life in the Federation but is worried that, should it fail, he may not be able to help her recover from her time in captivity.

16 - Violet Matthews, Hideyoshi Shimura

  • MD 1, 1240
  • Following Rexus' visit to Hide's Office, Hide decides that another discussion with Violet regarding confidentiality is in order. She assures her new boss that she fully understands how important it is that anything she reads or hears while working for him remains there. One thing Violet didn't consider, though, was how she might respond to some of that information. But with her heart in the right place, she promises to do her best.

17 - Hideyoshi Shimura, Stephanie Evans, Judd Fitzgerald, John Reynolds

  • MD 2, 1105
  • Hide arrives at the Brig, to collect Judd, with his signed orders from Maya in hand. At first the Petty Officer is reluctant to comply because the entire department knows roughly what happened, and how John feels about the matter. But when she realises that the EOA have issued the orders, then she follows through with the request. Unfortunately John arrives before the two men can leave and then storms off threatening to get the Captain involved.

18 - Vilgi Morr, Sha Shan Robertson

  • MD 2, 1122
  • Meeting up before lunch, Vilgi spots Sha Shan on the Promenade and then they start to wander around, looking at the various stores, until they decide to look inside Music Moon. While there, they talk about their various musical interests and whether or not they can sing before Vilgi plucks up the courage to ask Sha Shan out for Valentine's Day.

19 - T'Vei, Grey Daughtry

  • MD 2, 1500
  • Settling on a combat simulation in a Japanese-styled dojo, T'Vei and Grey begin their sparring session with no real idea of what the other is capable of. It soon becomes clear that

20 - Rexus Spokar, Holly O'Malley, Nikolas Bakyr

  • MD 2, 1530
  • Stopping by to make sure that Holly is running properly, Rexus uses the opportunity to talk about some of the problems he's facing in his life at the moment. When Nikolas arrives home to change his uniform jacket he's a little surprised to find the Cadet sitting on his bed with the red-headed hologram but quickly assures the boy that he can visit her whenever he likes while they attempt to find a purpose for her.

21 - Maya Takagi, Zachary Eastman, Rexus Spokar, Bianca Shallen, Phoebe Paean, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD 2, 0900
  • Maya lays down the rules for the Cadets now that she's the sheriff in town. She chooses both Bianca and Phoebe to act as Squad Leaders and explains that they will be both responsible and liable for the actions and accomplishments of their fellow students. She then calls in Cassi and explains that the doctor will be joining some of their classes to attain her upcoming commission to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

22 - Rexus Spokar, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD 2, 1700
  • The two friends find themselves on a classic-era steam ship heading out into Arctic waters. Neither of them recognise the name HMS Titanic, having barely studied Earth history during their education, and set off in search of adventure. Deciding to make some fun of her own Cassi tags Rexus and then runs off through the highly decorated corridors leaving Rexus to chase her around the rather bemused passengers. As time drags on the duo find themselves in the cargo hold where an early Earth motorcar is stored, awaiting the ship's arrival in North America. Taking the Model-T for a spin, quite literally, they end up running off again when their shenanigans catch the attention of Titanic's crew.

     When the program finally reaches the climax Rexus tries to split up, leaving Cassi to one of the first lifeboats, but she refuses      to allow him to act so stupidly. As they finally fall into the icy ocean Cassi orders the program to end.

23 - Violet Matthews, T'Vei, Kittiana Novus

  • MD 3, 1748
  • Arriving with a large assortment of junk food, Violet is keen for her first girls night in years. Unfortunately the horror movie that T'Vei chooses for them to watch is far from her taste. After amusedly watching the other woman squeal and squirm throughout the movie they decide to change activities. When T'Vei asks what is traditional for this sort of occasion, Kitt and Violet decide on revealing secrets and then tickle the part-Vulcan until she agrees to talk.

24 - Maya Takagi, Henry McAllister, Ivan Tillman, Iari Eolical, Alex McDonald

  • MD 1, 0910
  • Some of the EOA, along with Alex, meet to discuss some of the lingering matters from the past few weeks. Iari and Henry disagree on how to handle the FNS reporter but all of them know that Mustava must be dealt with swiftly.

25 - John Reynolds, Samantha Reynolds, John Luthor

  • MD 3, 0736
  • Just after Sarah has left for work John receives a call from his sister, Samantha, who has just recently given birth. Introducing the two Johns to each other the siblings spend some time catching up before she has to go and feed the baby.

26 - Kittiana Novus, Rexus Spokar

  • MD 2, 1800
  • Literally running into each other outside Rexus' Quarters, Kitt makes the most of the jelly doughnut carnage and strips off which prompts Rexus to suggest an evening of massage with scented oils.

27 - Nikolas Bakyr, Maya Takagi

  • MD 2, 1205
  • Having been accosted by both the Chief Medical and Chief Security Officers, Nikolas goes in search of the woman responsible for bypassing him in the chain of command and authorising Judd Fitzgerald's release into Hide's custody. Ending up at somewhat of an impasse with Maya, the Trill leaves feeling highly disappointed in her.

28 - Violet Matthews, Cassiopeia Yale, Ayam Whatt

  • MD 2, 1235
  • Violet drops by Cassi's office during her lunch break so that she can make sure her friend eats properly, since she's eating for three. The pair head to a new bakery on Deck 8, called 'The Muffin Man', which has become an instant hit due to the concerns some residents have with the replimat after recent events. There they met an artist who had just arrived on the station; Ayam. Instantly trying to charm the girls, he eventually convinced them to met again on Sunday so they could take a look at his artwork.

29 - Sorok, Singh, Lior Anat, Martinez, John Reynolds, Nilari Shendehor

  • MD 4, 0655
  • John is called in to deal with a problem in the Docking Lounge when a Vulcan claims to have taken a Bajoran with a bounty on his head hostage. Having a feeling that something is familiar with the Bajoran's name, John decides to give Sorok the benefit of the doubt and takes them up to his office to deal with the matter properly. When a possible alias for the Bajoran comes up in connection to an ecological disaster during the Dominion War John takes him into custody and arranges for the Vulcan bounty hunter to remain on the station until everything can be sorted.

30 - Sha Shan Robertson, Hideyoshi Shimura

  • MD 3, 1429
  • Attending her counselling session with high hopes of being approved for duty again soon, Sha Shan brings Hide up to speed on developments between her and Vilgi while admitting to still experiencing nightmarish flashbacks to her torture at the hands of the Orion, Lyra.

31 - Maya Takagi, Isis Rae

  • MD 2, 2113
  • Visiting their favourite holographic firing range, the couple prove how comfortable they have gotten with each other by working on the finer details of Isis' plan to deal with Mustava while destroying clay targets. Isis decides to approach the Dacoit through Nilari's connection to Bruiser as Maya warns her that this course of action could cause trouble with Nikolas.

32 - Sha Shan Robertson, Vilgi Morr

  • MD 3, 1809
  • Sha Shan is still getting ready when Vilgi arrives to take her on their Valentine's Day date. They head off to Kozo's for dinner where Vilgi attempts to wrangle both his nerves and his chopsticks. Finally the pair of them settle into a comfortable zone much like they had been managing outside of a dating environment and things go much more smoothly. After a large dinner, that left them both feeling stuffed, Vilgi informs Sha Shan that he has another surprise planned.

33 - Nikolas Bakyr, Judith Pond, Infinia Spokar

  • MD 3, 0800
  • After sending a strongly worded letter to Henry McAllister, Nikolas is visited by the head of Infodyne of Angosia; Infinia Spokar, Rexus' mother. Barely getting over his surprise at her arrival the Captain finds himself invited to a meeting over dinner later tonight.

34 - Rexus Spokar, Kittiana Novus

  • MD 3, 0741
  • Suffering from another horrific dream where he kills one of the women in his life, Rexus wakes to realise that his hands are near Kitt's throat and that the dream could have easily been all too real.

35 - Nilari Shendehor, Maxwell Roessler, Schass, Ka'ar, Tank Llierd, Rayt Llierd, S’Terrh N'Vek, Shivani Vilina, Tais Ysere, Mota Ekira, Cipolas

  • MD 1, 0857
  • After keeping Bruiser in bed for as long as she can manage, without resorting to physically restraining him at least, Nilari heads down to the Dacoit with him to properly meet the older members of the crew (who she only briefly met when she first met Bruiser) and the newer ones he hired during their recent job. When they arrive they have a brief verbal spar with Schass before learning that the Orion hired three additional members without Bruiser's knowledge. Heading for the kitchen to sort all of this out they're confronted by two of the new crew members pleasuring each other on the kitchen table while the third enjoys the show. None of this goes down well with Bruiser who ends up punching Schass in the face.

36 - Maya Takagi, Henry McAllister

  • MD 3, 0812
  • Maya broaches the subject of Isis' plan with Henry and then puts in a request for a fancy rifle for her favourite Trill.

37 - Vilgi Morr, Rexus Spokar, Veronika Barick

  • MD 2, 1455
  • A planed Engineering job gives Vilgi a chance to see how the two newest members of his operations team will work together. When Veronika arrives last, her morning repairs clearly showing the station's plumbing needs a little more attention, this sparks a series of increasingly thinly-veiled innuendos between herself and Rexus. Vilgi shows off his NCO side, and quietens the pair down, before dishing out the assignments.

38 - Infinia Spokar, Rexus Spokar

  • MD 3, 0823
  • Details to come.

39 - Maya Takagi, Nelwas

  • MD 3, 1930
  • Details to come.

40 - Cassiopeia Yale, Thor Yale

  • MD 2
  • Feeling homesick and at a loss for the sort of companionship she longs for, Cassi makes a rare call home to her older brother Thor.

41 - Maya Takagi, Zachary Eastman

  • MD 3, 1045
  • Zach stops by the EOA Home Office to see Maya who informs him that she has nominated him for a letter of merit because of the way he handled the rescue mission to Oratt IX. She then quizzes him on where he sees his medical career heading and finds out a little more of what makes him the way he is.

42 - Zachary Eastman, Gliss Kallee, Wendy Hoffman

  • MD 3, 1120
  • Shortly after his meeting with Maya, Zach heads to his new Quarters (which he shares with a Takaran named Gliss) to make the call to his Grandmother.

43 - Vilgi Morr, Sha Shan Robertson

  • MD 3, 2110
  • After an enjoyable meal the pair find their way to a small lounge that’s a little slice of 1930’s Earth out here in The Expanse. After taking a few moments to acclimatize themselves, Vilgi and Sha Shan set foot on the dance floor where they begin trading holonovel preferences. But they soon find a way back to common ground; their love of all things engineering.

44 - Nilari Shendehor, Maxwell Roessler, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD 1, 1559
  • Information to come

45 - Maxwell Roessler, Schass, Shivani Vilina, Henry McAllister, John Reynolds

  • MD 3, 0905
  • Information to come

46 - T'Vei, Infinia Spokar

  • MD 4, 1900
  • Information to come

47 - Phillip Sheridan

  • Phillip recaps recent events.

48 - Infinia Spokar, Nikolas Bakyr

  • MD 3, 1900
  • Information to come

49 - Karik, T'Vei

  • MD 4, 1420
  • Information to come

50 - Nikolas Bakyr, Infinia Spokar, Holly O'Malley

  • MD 3, 2004
  • Information to come

51 - T'Vei, Nilari Shendehor, Quequao

  • MD 4, 1120
  • Information to come

52 - Siani Etahn

  • MD 4, 1600
  • Information to come

53 - Vilgi Morr, T'Vei

  • MD 4, 1400
  • High on life after an extremely good outcome to his date the previous evening, a routine repair call has Vilgi in the Treehouse lounge helping a familiar face; T’Vei. In between the repair they catch up on what’s been happening in the last week or so and, eventually, the conversation turns to dating and relationships. Vilgi imparts what he hopes is some helpful advice based on experiences, both past and present.

54 - Rexus Spokar, Violet Matthews

  • MD 4, 1720
  • Information to come

55 - Siani Etahn, Vilgi Morr

  • MD 4, 1200
  • When Siani beams onto Kepler Station she is accompanied by the usual nerves that go with leaving one posting, which just happens to be her first, and moving into the unknown. She meets Vilgi who promptly offers to help her find Deck 5. Along the way the Bolian talks the new Trill scientist through the things to watch out for as well as the pluses of the station.

56 - Hideyoshi Shimura, Maya Takagi

  • MD 4, 1930
  • Information to come

57 - Ethan Scott, Sianai Etahn

  • MD 5, 1310
  • Information to come

58 - Lev Zorn

  • MD 4, 1400
  • Information to come

59 - Rexus Spokar, Lev Zorn

  • MD 4, 1425
  • Information to come

60 - Vilgi Morr, Sha Shan Robertson

  • MD 4, 1630
  • After the success of their date Vilgi invites Sha Shan to join him in the winter sport of snowboarding. In between the friendly taunts, dares, snowbound-warfare and, on the Bolian's part at least, lots of falling over they make it down the slope one or twice before deciding to enjoy the lodge seen.

61 - Rexus Spokar, Phoebe Paean

  • MD 4, 1003
  • Information to come

62 - T'Vei, Grey Daughtry

  • MD 5, 1230
  • Information to come

63 - Andrea Carter, Alex McDonald

  • MD 4, 1800
  • Information to come

64 - Infinia Spokar, Siani Etahn

  • MD 5, 0900
  • Information to come

65 - Rexus Spokar, T'Vei

  • MD 5, 1600
  • Information to come

66 - Violet Matthews, Cassiopeia Yale, Ayam Whatt

  • MD 4, 1215
  • Information to come

67 - Vilgi Morr, Vyrs

  • -MD 8, 1150
  • Brief chat between the pair about how to fix up the arboretum after the event of the previous mission and some preventative measures that need to be looked at.

68 - Vilgi Morr, Lev Zorn

  • MD5, 0815
  • Keen to keep on top of both the developments currently going and the people that will be making those developments happen, on aboard the station. Vilgi drops in on one computer tech specialist, unfortunately for him he catches him while Lev is getting dressed. But the pair manage to work around that issue and lay a few tentative plans about how they are to work together.

69 - Vilgi Morr, Infinia Spokar

  • MD5, 1010
  • A slight overlap with works, allows Vilgi to meet the Infinia Spokar, Infodyne’s representative. In between work on finishing touches, they chat about Kepler Station knack for attracting trouble, Rexus and his knack for attracting trouble, and inevitably Vilgi’s current status when it comes to all thing romance. Although slighlty guarded Vilgi does admit his current status in that regard and promese to at least consider one of Infinia’s programs.

70 - Raal Uppee, Lev Zorn

  • MD 5, 2000
  • Information to come

71 - Zachary Eastman, Phoebe Paean

  • MD 3, 1217
  • Paying Phoebe a visit to get his mind off the upcoming mission with Doctor Takagi doesn't go quite according to plan and the Medical Cadet finds himself the target of more teasing. Luckily she finally shifts focus to his efforts with Bianca and offers some good advice on how to proceed with her.

72 - Phillip Sheridan, Siani Etahn

  • MD 4, 1900
  • Information to come

73 - Elena Perim, John Reynolds

  • MD 4, 1045
  • John gets an unexpected, and confusing, visit from Elena who has decided that she misses life in Security and would like to be considered for the current vacancy.

74 - Violet Matthews, Isabella Milano

  • MD 5, 1130
  • Following up on her instructions from Hide, Violet pays Bella a visit and attempts to find some sort of common ground between them. Unfortunately for her the older woman tries to draw focus off her own loved ones and family and towards Violet's absent mother.

75 - T'Vei, Grey Daughtry

  • MD 5, 1245
  • Information to come

76 - Maya Takagi, Isis Rae

  • MD 3, 2130
  • Maya impresses Isis with the presentation of a TR-116 rifle.

77 - Lior Anat, John Reynolds, Sorok, Nelwas

  • MD 5, 0830
  • When their preliminary investigation comes up blank John is forced to release Anat and prepares for the inevitable backlash. He can't quite let the subject drop though so devises a way to stall the man's departure.

78 - Rexus Spokar, Veronika Barick

  • MD 4, 0830
  • As they go about the duties Vilgi has set them Rexus and Veronika try to clear the air, so-to-speak, and find a middle ground where they can work together in relative peace.

79 - Rexus Spokar, Holly O'Malley, Infinia Spokar

  • MD 4
  • In the early hours of the morning Rexus pays his holographic friend a visit only to discover his mum, hungover, in the Captain's bed. Fearing the worst he gets little reassurance from Holly who doesn't quite catch his meaning and finally decides to tease him a little.

80 - Rexus Spokar, Cassiopeia Yale, Infinia Spokar, Zachary Eastman

  • MD 4, 1410
  • Cassi is far from in a good mood when Rexus stops by to get a birth control booster and her day gets slightly worse following that when his mother appears. Finding the woman all shades of odd, and only barely being able to restrain her tongue, Cassi is relieved when Zach arrives with some important lab results.