Van Thurmond

From Station

Van Thurmond


Rank: Civilian
Position: Bartender, Treehouse Lounge
Player: Jennifer


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 2350 (35yo)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown/Black
Height: 6'1"

Handsome, has a thin mustache and goatee, his left ear is pierced and is usually wearing a dangly earring, no major scars.


Contrary to his dark looks, Van is a friendly sort who will chat with anyone at least once. He tries to cultivate a mysterious allure for the ladies but the truth always comes out and they learn that he is as transparent as they come. While free with his own information, though, Van is hardly that way with information others have given him. He is very capable of keeping a secret and does keep many secrets. Behind the friendly, talkative exterior, is still a very intelligent man. He just hides it well.


Van was born and raised on Theta VII. He had a good, stable upbringing with his professor father and scientist mother. He has two younger siblings, a brother and a sister and one older sister who is married with three children.

When he finished his general schooling, Van decided to travel before choosing a life path. On his travels to different colonies, he made many friends and, incidentally, learned to mix many kinds of alcoholic beverages. He realized he enjoyed serving beverages to people and he liked talking to anyone and everyone he served. He looked into being a bartender and while he was visiting Terra, went through a bartender academy. Stlll liking his profession after he graduated, he decided that he would like to see the farthest reaches of human expansion and colonization. Hence his arrival at Kepler Station.

Van has had romances in his life but nothing that would keep him in one place. He usually manages to part from his girlfriends with no hard feelings - usually. There have been one or two who shook him up a bit.


Newcomer Award
Mission: A Lovelace Ordinary