Vera Ataz

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Blank.pngVera Ataz


Rank: Civilian
Position: Former Treehouse Lounge Manager and Independent Merchant
Player: Darren


Species: Trill
Gender: Female (host)
Born: 2356 (Host, 29yo); 2302 (Symbiont, 83yo)
Hair: Dark Blond
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'2"

Before her joining, Vera was content to allow herself to appear plain, she did little to dramaticize her natural beauty. Since her blending with Ataz, however, this is no longer the case.

Seemingly determined to out-shadow Venus herself, Vera ensures she is a picture of perfection, all with what appears to be effortless ease. Flowing blonde hair frames her face, where every layer of makeup is always perfectly in place, in addition to whatever set of earrings she has hanging from two piercings on each ear.

She considers her clothing choices to be simply practical for her profession, which means any items she chooses to wear are often elegant and tantalizing, revealing enough to ensure she is either the object of intense desire or jealousy in whatever room she enters.

Like all Trills, she has two rows of spots travelling down each side of her body. A childhood disorder decreased the level of pigment in her body which normally forms these spots, meaning that her spots are quite faint, and often unnoticeable unless examined closely.


Following the implantation of Ataz, Vera's personality has changed dramatically. Prior to joining with the symbiont, the host was very demure, subservient, and needy of those around her. She had a week will, and the unwanted symbiont overwhelmed her.

The new, joined Vera Ataz is manipulative and charming. Deeply seductive and sexualized, she knows how to exploit the vices of those around her to obtain her goals. At the lounge, Vera is disarming to her customers, and very willing to use a steady stream of drinks to ply any secrets she may want.

Vera is accustomed to achieving her ends, by whatever means necessary. Morally grey, she is willing to operate outside of the law, perhaps overconfident that there will always be some way for her to escape the consequences of her actions.

She has sharp wit and an acidic tongue. The people she will ridicule the most are often those she holds the deepest respect for, especially if they happen to be competing business associates or law enforcement figures attempting to block a business transaction.

While the Ataz symbiont in the past tended to be relatively committed and monogamous, Vera has preferred spending her time with casual lovers, in the short time since she has been joined. She doesn't rule out love, however. She just wants to learn from the mistakes of her previous hosts.

She rarely speaks of her past, and only when she feels truly comfortable with someone, will she start to drop hints about her previous hosts. A stranger once walked in on her, alone in a bathroom, yelling at herself in a mirror, her eyes black with anger. When he asked who she was yelling at, her answer was to run a knife through his hand. To say she has a streak of self-loathing and regret may be an understatement.


A new symbiont, Ataz was joined with its first host, Perryn, 83 years ago. A young man, Perryn came from a well respected family on Trill. Two years earlier, he had inherited the modest family asteroid mining business, that allowed him to live a life of relative luxury.

Perryn, the first host of Ataz
While Perryn had always been a relatively goal-oriented individual, the Ataz symbiont gave him a level of confidence and conviction that became evident as he grew this modest business into a very lucrative business empire across the Alpha quadrant. During this time, he would marry and raise a family. Unfortunately for him, less than 40 years after they had married (44 since he had been joined), his wife would die in a shuttlecraft accident.

The death of his wife would drive Perryn into a state of deep depression. Experiencing savage mood swings, he would target this energy towards his business empire. Directing his pain onto numerous competitors, he destroyed many other companies, squeezing the owners of each to the point of bankruptcy, after which he would buy up their assets for barely a tenth of their true worth.

This tycoon of industry would become a recluse, spending his days alone with the company of his personal assistants, and taking pleasure only from expanding his empire, and reducing his competitors to dust. This pattern would continue for decades, until he met Shyin, 25 years later.

Only 22 at the time, Shyin had been hired to be Perryn's new personal assistant. Young and beautiful, she threw herself at Perryn. As an old man who had not felt loved for decades, Perryn could not resist her advances. Within a year they were married, and after a second, she had poisoned him to death.

Six years before Shyin and Perryn had met, Perryn had already greatly influenced her life in ways he did not even know. It was in that year that Perryn had devastated her father's small company on an outlying Trill colony. Shyin and her twin brother, Enyck, had only been 16 at the time.

Unable to provide for his family through legal means, his personal credit and reputation destroyed after the failure of his business, their father had been forced to traffic goods for an organized crime syndicate. After two years, he had died in a firefight on his ship, when a Starfleet patrol vessel had attempted to board it, while he had been carrying contraband. The two twin siblings swore they would seek revenge for their father, a vendetta which proved to be ultimately successful.

After Shyin had seduced Perryn, she had fed financial information to Enyck, who sold this confidential data to various crime syndicates. Enamored, Perryn had been too distracted to notice his falling empire, or failing health. While Shyin had been content to destroy his wealth and slowly end his life, Enyck had grown obsessed with this man, and wanted more. He sought to have the Ataz symbiont for himself.

Enyck, the second host of Ataz
By joining with Perryn himself, Enyck believed his victim would truly feel the pain he had caused to others. Driven by revenge, Enyck wanted to now relish in his victim’s anguish, in the most intimate and closest way possible.

As Perryn neared his death, and was forced to return to the symbiosis commission to have Ataz removed, so that the symbiont could live. Enyck used Perryn’s own fortune, now controlled by Shyin, to give substantial bribes to members of the commission, in exchange for receiving the Ataz symbiont himself.

Enyck knew that he was taking a large risk. A ritual such as a zhian'tara could expose his actions, or one of the commission members may take the bribe but still reveal his secret. Enyck was careful, ensuring that his identity was hidden while completing the bribes, and during the joining process. After receiving the symbiont, Enyck took his portion of Perryn’s fortune, and fled Trill, leaving Shyin with the other half.

The consequences of his joining were not fully what Enyck had expected. While he did feel the pain of Perryn, the newly joined Enyck was filled with a fear of mortality and death. He was wracked with the guilt of, in a way, having actually killed himself, and began to obsess over the future of the Ataz symbiont.

His actions meant he could never return to the symbiosis commission, even if he was dying, and Ataz was in need of a new host. Both him, and his symbiont, were now exiles from Trill society, as if they had taken part in a large taboo, such as re-association. He had tainted the symbiont with his memories, and had condemned it, and the part of him that could remain inside of it, to die with his body.

Enyck would use his portion of Perryn’s money to buy entrance into the Orion syndicate. Fortunately, he was a much more accomplished criminal than his father. An attractive smile and a disarming personality allowed him to deceive easily, but also made some competing operatives in the syndicate very jealous.

Six years after joining, still worried about the future of the Ataz symbiont, an opportunity fell into his lap. A young Guardian with the Symbiosis Commission had contacted a member of the Orion syndicate on Trill. Her parents, both artists, had been on a small transport returning from Cardassia Prime. While en route, the transport, which was also carrying a large number of medical supplies, had been intercepted by Cardassian rebels, holdouts from the Dominion War who had not yet surrendered. Starfleet had been unable to find rescue the people on the transport, but there were rumors that the Cardassian rebels had dealings with the Orion syndicate.

Vera, before her joining
When Enyck heard the plea of this Guardian, he made risky arrangements to travel back to Trill to meet her. He would discover that the young woman, Vera, was penniless, having given all her savings to local criminals, just so that she could be placed in contact with an Orion syndicate operative. Sensing an opportunity, Enyck made an arrangement with the desperate, demure woman.

He would find her parents, but she must leave her current life, and become the personal caretaker of his symbiont. A personal Guardian meant that he would have someone to take care of the symbiont, and implant it in a new Trill, when it came time for his body to die.

She reluctantly agreed, and he was ecstatic. He upheld his end of the agreement, rescuing her parents, while making enemies with a number of rebel Cardassians along the way, and she left behind her life as a Guardian, to be with him.

Enyck treated her well, allowing her to visit her parents, as long as they found out nothing about him. She slowly began to begrudgingly accept what he did, realizing she was at least an accomplice with him at this point. After a year of living with him, she began to realize that she was falling for him.

She knew he wasn’t a knight in shining armor, but she also knew that men like him had a place in the universe, and that without him, she would have probably never seen her parent’s again. One night, she worked up all her confidence, and unexpectedly, quickly kissed him. She was surprised when he reciprocated, and their romance began.

They had lived four years together, that morning, when he confessed to her, as they both lazily lay in bed, that he may not be around much longer. He told her that one of the Cardassian rebels who had kidnapped her parents had worked their way quite up the ranks of the syndicate.

He promised that no one knew of her existence, that he had been careful to shield her. As far as the Cardassian was concerned, Enyck’s attack six years ago to retrieve the transport was simply because he wanted to steal the medical supplies. The Cardassian was calling for his head, and he worried that the tide of opinion among the syndicate’s leaders may be turning against him.

He told her she would need to prepare the supplies necessary to remove the symbiont from his body, should something happen to him, and to implant it in another body. No one in the syndicate knew he was joined, it would be his way to live on after death. He also told her that he was bringing in a human doctor to perform the surgery. He said he wanted the other doctor trained in these skills, as it may be too dangerous for her to be around when the implantation surgery would need to happen. He said the new doctor would be arriving later that day.

A week later he was carried back to his residence, a disruptor wound in his abdomen, by a loyal servant. Running to find the man, a friend of his, who had planned to receive Ataz upon Enyck’s death, Vera found herself quickly sedated by the hands of Enyck’s new doctor.

She woke up on a medical table, with Enyck’s bleeding body on an identical table next to hers. She recognized the set-up, she realized what was happening. Enyck, barely conscious, told her that he had lied when he said he would be giving the symbiont to the male Trill, that he was not even compatible.

No, Enyck wanted to live on in Vera.

She screamed and struggled, saying she was not ready to be joined, that as a guardian, she had never wanted this, but Enyck could not understand. Having spent so many years of his life obsessed with obtaining Ataz from Perryn, he could not comprehend why she would resist joining. He told her that it would be perfect, that they could finally live on forever, that she could now be intimate with him, and understand him on a level closer than any other they could experience, but she knew better.

She was a Guardian, she had not prepared for the joining, she knew that she would lose herself to the symbiont. She knew she could not resist the joining, and as the symbiont was implanted in her body, she could feel parts of herself slowly slipping away.

Following the surgery, she was placed on a medical shuttle, and sent away to safety. The Orion Syndicate would find Enyck’s dead body in his residence, with no sign that the surgery had taken place. Not realizing there had been a symbiont which survived, the Cardassian was satisfied that his enemy was dead.

The Vera that would later wake up on her medical shuttle would be a completely new woman. Ataz had brought with it the best of Perryn and Enyck, leaving from Vera only the regret that she had been joined against her will. She was alone now, except for the two selfish men who shared her memory.

While Vera is still in conflict with herself, and the memories of Enyck, the man she loved who betrayed her, she has come to accept that the unjoined Vera is as dead as Enyck or Perryn. The joined Vera is a combination of all three hosts with Ataz, indistinct and whole onto itself.

An outcast from Trill and exile from the Orion Syndicate, she has spent two years as a drifter, putting the skills, confidence, and ambition of her previous two hosts to good work as a petty merchant and smuggler. When she discovers that an old friend had set up shop on Kepler Station, a desire to create a permanent outpost to grow her illicit businesses is ignited.