Vilgi Morr

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PO2.pngVilgi Morr

Vilgi's reaction to word of assignment to the USS Endeavour

Rank: Petty Officer 2nd Class
Position: Assistant Chief Operations Officer
Player: Jake


Species: Bolian
Gender: Male
Haircolour: N/A
Eyecolour: Gold
Height: 5ft 1in
Age: 31

Blue & Bald (Obviously), gold coloured eyes, he has a stocky build al the more so as most of his early career involved moving things around, arms are covered in minor scars from heat and electrical burns from later repair assingments. Dress code-wise, on duty he has high standards and will try to show up for duty shifts with a near immaculate uniform, but accepts the because of the nature of his work it wont be in the same state by the end. Off duty his is more relaxed but the neat, clean, habits spill through.


An odd mix of reticence and confidence. His years of struggling with anything academic had a knock on effect to other aspects in his life causing a large amount of self-doubt which most often becomes apparent when faced with the unknown or with a situation where he is not entirely sure of the solution. Conversely his training and experiences with the fleet have ingrain in him the need to be decisive, this need became particularly apparent as he climbed the ranks, to a point that when he is sure of something absolutely nothing can dissuade him from the course of action he has decided on.

Despite this reticence he is a people person, he enjoys having people around him, co-operating with others to solve problems. This possibly developed as a way of coping with his natural reticence. He particularly has an eye for those who are struggling and is more than willing to spend time teaching and aiding them. This spills over completely in to his social, off-duty, life. He’s most happy around people and when talking to people, frequents any bar, lounge, club, even sports events, but only the ones with nosy crowds. As such he followes several teams across several different sports.

+A hands-on learner and teacher. The way Vilgi prefers to operate and his most effect way of taking in and imparting information and skills, have led to an on-the-job approach to almost everything. An approach that is in fact valued by Department heads and Commanding officers, as it involves personnel spending more time doing things and so increases productivity and efficiency with in departments.

+ A People person. Vilgi is happiest when he’s around people and interacting with them. He tend to a quite open person is always looking to start and develop new relationships both personally and professionally and has a knack for remembering details about people. This has been a great help professionally quite early on in his career he was called upon when issues of an inter-departmental nature cropped up, his knack for details about people translated to details of departments needs.

-Self-Doubt His earliest experiences, particularly of an academic nature left a deep mark on the man. To this day he is plagued by doubt in his own abilities and his judgment. It’s something he’s had to work very hard at overcoming, although the truth is he will probably never completely do so, as he’s risen up the ranks this has become ever more important. He still feels a rather large twinge deep in his stomach when junior personnel look to him for guidance in unplanned for circumstances.

-Natural Reticence of the Unknown This is closely related to the earlier point. His natural self-doubt tanks to take over when faced with something he is not completely prepared for, earlier in life and his career this wasn’t too much of an issue, and he just buried his fears and did as he was told. As he has progressed he has developed different methods of copping with this, a favoured one is brainstorming with crew of a similar rate. Lately this had become more difficult to pull off and there have been times when he’s had to bury all his doubts, pick a course of action, and see it through.

-Hobbies & Interests-

Socializing frequents any bar, lounge, club, on the ship or base, he’s assigned to

Sports events, but only the ones with nosy crowds. As such he follows several teams across from several worlds, across several different sports (Eg. Football, follows an earth team-Juventus, Italy also a team formed from his home city-Tarr FC, Tarr, Bollaris IX).


-Early Years-

Born on Bolaris IX in the year 2356 to a large family an older brother and sister with a younger brother to follow a few years later. His father and his uncle like several of his family generations served in starfleet his father as enlisted man, his uncle served and continue to serve as an officer. On leaving he started up a family run transport business specializing in rapid inter-planetary transit of sensitive packages. This was the environment that Vilgi grew up in one of spacecraft and flight plans and inventories.

It was the Dominion war had the biggest effect on him he was coming up to leaving education and stepping out into the world when it broke out.

His father temporally re-enlisted and donated all his company assets in to the Fleet including the use of the small yard for transport drops during the Bolian operation. He watched as peregrine fighter streaked overhead heading to meet the odd one Dominion fighter that sneaked through, or escorted shuttles to the yards, kept watching as the personnel moved cargo in and out. Found himself thinking ‘that’s the job I want to do.’

As it turned out that was more then ok with his family and father, that was the plan, the children join Starfleet learn a bit of discipline and a skill and help support the fleet that kept them safe all these years. Then when there enlistment was up join the family business and bring the different skills with them. For all this Vilgi was an average student, no where near good enough to get into university or the academy, a point he was forced to concede after four failed attempts at the entrance exam. It was at that point a his uncle attempted to steer him on to the enlisted track

-Training and First Assignment-

Signed up in 2375 as an operations crewman focusing on logistics and supply the very thing that he’d seen the crewmen doing back home, as well as basic repair skills for damage control duties. His first posting was aboard starbase 277. He spent the first few months just getting used to life on starbase. Then a pandemic disease flared up on a federation protectorate in the starbases control zone, decimating the population there, the starbase was assigned to co-ordinate the relief effort, Vilgi was assigned as an extra hand on the shuttle prep-teams, this gave him an idea of the different types of shuttles. Some time after his shift an idea popped in to Vilgi’s head. Reticent about coming forward with an untried idea he spent the next four hours researching, only when he was satisfied the idea had a solid base did he approach the Bo’ sun with a suggestion about to convert the type-5 cargo shuttle as a medic-transport. During the talk through of his idea, questions were asked one such as why it had taken him so long to come forward with the idea, Vilgi’s honest reply was a turning point in his career, the Bo’ sun seeing potential changed his shift pattern ensuring he reported to one of his Bo’ sun Mate’s with a more hands on way of teaching.

-USS DaGama-

When one of 277’s attached Nova-class survey ship, docked the USS DaGama a Vilgi’s shift was charged with restocking and re supplying it. When all this was complete Vilgi was part of the operations team transferred onto it from SB 277. On board the DaGama he rotated through maintenance assignments, from computer core analysis, to environmental calibrations, to damage control drills. The DaGama’s assignment was an exhaustive survey of a system containing a number of gas giants with elements that a regular shuttles engine would ignite. Enter the Waverider its regular use on away missions meant a lot of focus on keeping it in good working order. Vilgi spent a lot of time with the craft as an extra hand on it’s maintenance also as an extra hand on its crew rotating through the stations, a sensor hand manning the second science console, an operations hand manning the co-pilot console, he also had his first proper flight behind the helm. By the end of the tour he’d become an expert on this particular class of runabout.

-Starbase 277-

By now Vilgi was coming to the end of his enlistment and as the numerous messages sent to him by his family, particularly his father during the final weeks aboard the DaGama, it was expected he would leave and return home. But Vilgi had done the supply runs and the stock checks and although he enjoyed that, he gained a taste of what was out there and wanted more. Doing those jobs on a starship, miles from anywhere was really appealing; he just didn’t know how to tell his family this and didn’t want to disappoint them, so was about to stay quiet and give it all up. When the same crew chief that gave him his first recommendation sought him out to find out why he hadn’t reenlisted, after a long talk Vilgi realized he need that push so he’d do something and follow a path that he would like. His father was shocked initially when Vilgi informed him of his intentions and this cause them to drift apart for while.

-USS Kiowa -

He was transferred to the USS Kiowa, an Cheyenne-class keeping his operations assignment, SB 277s Bo ‘sun’s mate and Boatswain had chosen this posting specifically for Vilgi, as there was a Bo ‘sun’s mate on board who taught and worked a similar way. Which then embarked on a deep-space mission to chart unexplored sector of the beta quadrant, To keep the crew occupied the shuttle and runabout complement was regularly deployed on charting missions. On one occasion the ship was passing near to planetary system with a binary pulsar and an M-class planet and a rouge asteroid field just out of range. The runabouts were sent to map the asteroid field, after which fighters performed dummy runs of a number of missions along the length of the asteroid field. Meanwhile the runabouts were dispatched to get a closer look at the binary pulsar. These periods of intense activity were a of the charting mission, which meant a lot of work for the operations crews and lot of new experiences for Vilgi, he at first found this quite daunting, but the hands-on learning approach off the shifts Bo ‘sun’s mate eventually had the Bolian working quite well.

-USS Endeavour

It wasn’t all wonder and discovery though, three years in a spate piracy raids brought about the formation of a special task force to combat the threat. Vilgi was transferred to the USS Endeavour given his experance with auxiliary craft operations. The Endeavour as tasked as the C&C ship of that force it also took on a larger fighter complement to enhance it’s flexibility. Vilgi was re-tasked to the drop bay for this period, as part of the crash crews, the constant drills and then constant opportunity to put those drills into practice played completely to Vilgi’s strengths. A few months in he was given the Air Bo’ sun position for Gamma Shift, As statements of confidence go this was a big one and truth be told although Vilgi accepted it, he freaked out privately to a point where he put call’s in to both his uncle Boodle and th Bo’ sun’s Mate on SB277 for pointers. It took nine months to get the situation under control, during which Vilgi acquitted himself quite well earning a recommendation for the Petty Officer Indoctrination Course. After which the Endeavour docked at 277 for repairs and resupply, Vilgi was back on quartermaster duties at the same time as completing the Petty Officer Indoctrination Course, an exhausting combination which involved many hours off extra study for the Bolian. Happily he past and was assigned to replace the the very Bo’ suns mate whom he’d been under previously.

The rest of the tour continued in similar manner the auxiliary craft and fighters were deployed to map or investigate an appropriate celestial phenomena. Vilgi was enjoying himself more than ever, being out on the frontier seeing brand new sights up close. He still found the whole organizing the crew on his shift more than a bit daunting and he made complete hash of things on more than one occasion, crews in departments were left short on his shift several times, and it always seemed to be after an unusual circumstances had caused for a change in the roster. Vilgi seemed to take far to long on re-designing a new one. When it reached the point that the whole ship had to come to stop dead in space and halt normal operations so the operations department could catch up, Vilgi had his first face to face meeting with the chief or operations, it was not a pleasant one. He was with in a whisker of being transferred of the ship, when the Boatswain stepped in vouched for him. This only earnt Vilgi yet another grilling, however this time he was given the tools to save himself. The Boatswain gave him his personal program for scheduling and re-scheduling crew. Something Vilgi uses but under a promise, guards with his life.

-Kepler Station-

Curieosity Killed The Cat

After an uneventful first few weeks Vilgi was assigned to an away mission to Oratt IX, as technical support, to investigate and bring back samples of a substance known as Teslacite. During the trip he sought to build friendships and found a particular bond with the other engineer Ensign Sha Shan Robertson.

Once on the planet he takes time to check over the runabout and the equipment they will be using, this is cut short by an approaching storm because of which they go and pick up the rest of the away team, at Vilgi’s suggestion. Their recovery attempt is cut short when the runabout is forced down.


What followed was the worst three days of his life, he found himself in the clutches of a slaver captain known as Mustava, split up, told Sha Shan was killed in the crash and then kept separate from the others. He was then subjected to increasingly severe methods to try and force his cooperation, ranging from physical to mental abuse.

The timely arrival of the Tokyo, coupled with Bianca’s ‘retuning from the dead’ so to speak and breaking him out gave him the opportunity and drive to attempt and escape. Unfortunately his treatment had left him unbalanced mentally and his actions were rather crude at times. But the attempt succeeded, he even managed to cripple the slave ship enough to send them limping from the field, allowing the Away Team and the Tokyo crew to limp home and begin the healing process.

The Cabinet of Doctor Cuvier

As a counter to what happened on the previous mission the first thing that happened was Vilgi’s promotion to Petty Officer second class came through. The party afterwards, an attempt to boost morale, helped a little.

The few days after the rescue from captivity involved Vilgi trying to wrap his head around what happened. He did his usual trick of throwing himself into his work, meeting with department heads for quartermastering issues, conducting general repairs, meeting with new crew and looking in on Cadet Bianca Shallen and Ensign Sha Shan Robertson. His feelings for Sha Shan seemed to grow durring this period, however Vilgi determined to bide his time for the moment, he wanted to be sure these feelings had a real base and were not just a reaction to captivity.

Recovery was cut short however when Vilgi along with most of the stations population were infected with what turned out to be a tag along from Orrat IX, Thankfully Vilgi was de-bugged quite early on and was able to contribute to the large scale curing if the stations population.

Service Record

Trade school: 2376
Promoted to Crewman Apprentice: 2376
Starbase 277 tour: 2376
Promoted to Crewman: 2380
USS DaGama: 2380
Starbase 277 tour: 2380
USS Kiowa tour: 2380
USS Endeavour tour: 2383
Promoted Petty Officer 3rd Class: 2384
Kepler Station tour: 2387
Promoted Petty Officer 2nd Class: 2387


Father: Yarl (Owner, Morr Rapid Transport)
Mother: Zhuo (Co-Owner, Morr Rapid Transport)
Brother(s): Toyy (Pilot, Morr Rapid Transport), Ehyy (Pilot, Morr Rapid Transport)
Sister(s): Moyy (Scheduler, Morr Rapid Transport)
Uncle: Boodle (Lt. Cmdr, Chief Sec/Tac Officer USS Constantinople)


Newcomer Award
Mission: A Tiny Oversight
Dream Sequence
Challenge 2: 13th - 20th April, 2012
Torture Medal
Mission: Curieosity Killed The Cat
Friendship Ribbon
Mission: Curieosity Killed The Cat
3 Months with Kepler
9 Mar 2012 - May 2012
Rae's Ribbon
Mission: Curieosity Killed The Cat
Heartfelt Moments Award
Mission: The Cabinet of Doctor Cuvier
6 Months with Kepler
9 Mar 2012 - Aug 2012
Character / Plot Development Award
Mission: The Cabinet of Doctor Cuvier
LCARS Technician Stripe
Continued assistance with mission summaries
Romance Ribbon
Mission: Vakil's Speciality
1 Year with Kepler
9 March 2012 - 2013
Holo-Programmers' Pin
Mission: Maxwell's Dozen
Cosmic Stripe
Mission: Faradays Gone By (Reduced to 10 years-old)
Snuggly Bunnies Award
Mission: Faradays Yet To Come
Cosmic Stripe
Mission: Faradays Yet To Come (Future echo)
Argument / Disagreement
Challenge 3: 14th - 21st June, 2013
Red Shirt
Mission: Boy Who Cried Wolf
Asteroids Survival Pin
Mission: Boy Who Cried Wolf
Snuggly Bunnies Award
Mission: Piazzi's Penance (as Heidy Dilucca)
Pie-In-Face Award
Mission: Piazzi's Penance
2 Years with Kepler
9 March 2012 - 2014
Personal Log
Challenge 4: 6th - 13th May, 2014
Simulation Cup
Outstanding Star Trek Sim - 2014
Facepalm Pin
Mission: Lewis' Bond (as Saffa Izan)
3 Years with Kepler
9 March 2012 - 2015
Personal Log
Challenge 5: 25th March - 25th May, 2015
Tournament of Simulations
Excellence in Characters - 2015