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Lieutenant.pngS. R. Wesson

Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Chief Engineer
Player: Kestrel

Lieutenant S. R. Wesson


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: September 24, 2353 (33)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 190 cm (6' 3")

Tall, dark and classically handsome, almost frustratingly so. When working hands-on with equipment, he usually ends up tousled and streaked with some sort of grease, though whether or not that’s a detraction from his overall appearance depends entirely on personal preference. He isn’t squeamish about getting his hands dirty, a fact which the dozens of small scuffs and scars on his arms demonstrate, most of which he can match with one story or another. They’re too minute to bother removing, but more than that he keeps them for the memories. Since he often works manually, his hands are calloused and rough. He has a place on his chest a couple finger widths across that appears to have be the location of a poorly-removed tattoo, but no record of the mark exists prior to his entry into Starfleet.

Wesson maintains a fairly consistent training schedule and takes out much of his daily frustrations and excess energy through exercise. He tends towards boxing and weightlifting on his own, but he’s always up for a friendly match of any competitive sport.


Due to his home and his history, Wesson’s personality operates at a few different levels, depending on the situation he’s in. At first glance, he is an easy-going man who enjoys the simple pleasures of life at his own pace. He likes food, drinks, and pretty women, and can turn on the charm whenever he’s feeling flirtatious. Growing up in a small colony like Minos Korva, Wesson sees community and interpersonal relationships as very real and important things, and maintaining good morale is a key part of getting people to work well together. He’s good with people, unlike many others in his field, but isn’t a classic extrovert, and carries more of a quiet confidence that helps him navigate through social situations. He enjoys a good party, the more improper the better, and hates anything that reeks of formality. Many of his Earth-born classmates considered some of his manners unrefined or his speech occasionally crass, but he takes a great deal of pride in his family and his home, and refuses to let Starfleet try to polish all of the colonial grit out of him.

On the other hand, Wesson has very little patience for politics or indecision. He still carries a lot of anger at the Federation’s inaction, believing they put their ultra-idealized vision of “peace” before the lives and liberties of their own people. He doesn’t often talk about the DMZ or the war, because the situation can get out of very easily. He also doesn’t tolerate a lot of hand-wringing when there are things to be done, and is very much a man of action rather than a man of words. His loyalty is very hard to win, but once earned, he is a friend for life.

Wes needs to keep his hands busy, whether that means eating, drinking, or fiddling with something that needs to be fixed. He enjoys sports like boxing and soccer, which he grew up with in the colony on Minos Korva. His guilty pleasure is Old West simulations on the Holodeck, as they remind him a lot of home. He is a private person and tries to keep his own business to himself. He is especially protective of his past before joining Starfleet, including the depth of his connection to the Maquis, because he knows it might affect his career and his relationships with his fellow crew members. On a lighter note, he doesn’t like people to know his full name for reasons that he’s not entirely upfront about.

In terms of strengths, Wesson is very good at getting his hands dirty. He has a particular talent for fixing things using improvised equipment, or squeezing a bit more life out of old, decrepit parts that should have fallen to pieces decades ago. In the colony, most of their machines were recycled anyway, and Wesson grew up learning that a scrap heap can be akin to a treasure trove if you know how how to look for things. He’s also alarmingly proficient at constructing homemade weaponry and explosives, in addition to maintaining standard-issue Starfleet tech. In terms of personality, he’s charismatic and deals well with people, as long as they don’t rub him the wrong way.

As for weaknesses, though he follows orders, he can be distrustful of authority. He keeps his cards close to his chest and rarely lets anything very personal slip out. When provoked, he can be very aggressive, especially when arguing over the events of the war. He hates all of the Dominion, but for what they did to his brothers and his friends in the Maquis, Cardassians earn a special place of loathing in his mind. He holds grudges for a long time, and his trust is almost impossible to win back once it’s lost. He also tends to be dismissive and resentful of those who grew up on more affluent worlds, and doesn’t believe they understand the true meaning of loss or hardship. His childhood recreation consisted of exploring the arid wilderness around the colony and shooting at cans and lizards with a phaser rifle, so it’s sometimes hard to relate to colleagues who grew up on Earth or on other well-developed worlds.


Born in the Federation colony of Minos Korva to a large family, Wesson grew up surrounded by miners, small farms, and a whole lot of empty planet. Tensions between the Federation colonies and the Cardassians along the border had festered into full-on war years before he was born, forcing him and his siblings to grow up faster than most other children and become aware of the way Alpha Quadrant politics affected their daily lives. The conflict was a constant in their lives, and even when open hostilities ended and a truce began, Wesson and his family, along with the other colonists living in or around disputed territory, never escaped the shadow of the Cardassian Union at their heels. Even Minos Korva itself, the home where he was born and raised, nearly fell into Cardassian hands two years after the supposed truce. To colonists like Wesson and his family, the treaty the following year and the establishment of the Demilitarized Zone was just a way for Starfleet to get rid of an annoyance. After witnessing firsthand Starfleet’s inaction in defending the colonists and their homes during those “post-war” years, a mentality of self-reliance was solidified and his loyalty to the Federation at large was on its last legs. When his siblings began to take interest in the Maquis, he followed, and worked with the group almost up until the outbreak of the Dominion War in 2373.

After weathering one war almost on the front lines and seeing how deep their sons were ingraining themselves into the Maquis, his parents began to fear for the safety of their children even before the skirmishing became a full-scale conflict. Fortunately, shortly before open war began, Wesson was talked into attending Starfleet Academy in order to act as a recruiter for the Maquis cause. With his younger brother and sister, he traveled to Earth with no real intention of actually making it past graduation. He even allowed his younger brother, Cal, to return to the Maquis without their parents' knowledge in order to continue the fight. The first year of the war, however, would be the doom of the Maquis, and they were essentially eliminated by a surprise attack in the early stages of the war after the Cardassians threw their lot in with the Dominion. His eldest brother, Jon, and younger brother, Cal, who had only been present because of his own negligence, were killed in the massacre. On hearing the news, Wesson was prepared to abandon his position at the Academy and return home, but his parents begged him to stay and keep himself and his sister safe on Earth.

With his original task now pointless, Wes continued to study while the war raged, gripped with guilt and anger. The structure helped him overcome the worst of his depression at the loss of his brothers, and with the option of returning to the Maquis dashed, he resigned himself to continuing on with a career in Starfleet. Had it not been for his parents and his responsibility to look after his sister, he would have enlisted right away in order to fight, but he bided his time until graduation, after which his sister would be old enough to take care of herself and his parents would not be able to protests Starfleet orders. However, he would never get his chance, as the war ended in 2375, his last year at the Academy.

Initially, his interest in Starfleet was simply a cover to recruit for the Maquis, but he soon found that being at the Academy has its perks, and allowed him to pursue his interest in engineering with a great deal more resources than he had at his disposal at home. From a very young age he’d been responsible for helping to maintain equipment in the colony on Minos Korva. That extended into his time with the Maquis, where he was essentially an apprentice to more experienced engineers, working on ship maintenance as well as weapons systems. Upon entrance to the Academy, he found he had more practical skills than most cadets, even if his theoretical knowledge occasionally fell short. His marks were at their lowest in his first year, when his place at the Academy was just part of a greater mission. After news came that the Maquis had been wiped out and two of his siblings were dead, Wesson fell into a depression that he only managed to overcome during the first half of his second year. His marks vastly improved when he began to take his studies more seriously, to the point when he was usually ranked in the upper tiers of his courses.

After graduation, Wesson requested and was granted a post helping to rebuild the damage that the Dominion War had caused. He spent a lot of time in the shipyards, but also did a fair amount of travelling to the border regions to help repair the damages to affected space stations and colonial settlements. He spent almost four years on such projects before his first promotion and subsequent assignment as a weapons specialist on the Akira-class USS Soryu. After three years at his post, a superior officer’s retirement and some shuffling in the ranks allowed him to move up to Assistant Chief Engineer.

Service Record

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Father: Jonathan Wesson
Mother: Anna Glenwood Wesson
Brother: Jonathan Wesson Junior (2350 - 2373)
Sister: Madeline Wesson (2351 - )
Brother-in-Law: Feor Arkanos
Niece: Joanna Arkanos
Niece: Callidora Arkanos
Brother: Calden Wesson (2355 - 2373)
Sister: Eleanor Wesson (2358 - )
Sister: Sarah Wesson (2361 - )
Brother: Samuel Wesson (2368 - )


Newcomer Award
Mission: A Tiny Oversight
LCARS Technician Stripe
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Dream Sequence
Challenge 2: 13th - 20th April, 2012 (as Alys Snowden)
Subplot Stripe
Mission: A Tiny Oversight (as Alys Snowden)
Rae's Ribbon
Mission: A Tiny Oversight
Players' Choice
Mission: A Tiny Oversight
Facepalm Pin
Mission: The Cabinet of Doctor Cuvier
3 Months with Kepler
10 Apr 2012 - Jun 2012
6 Months with Kepler
10 Apr 2012 - Sep 2012