Zachariah Ra-Nevron

From Station

Ensign.pngZachariah Ra-Nevron, PhD

Rank: Ensign
Position: Former Assistant Chief Science Officer
Player: Joseph


Species: Human / Efrosian
Gender: Male
Born: (32yo)
Hair: Platinum Blond
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'2"

Zach is slightly above average height, with a lithe build that is muscular without being showy. He has a fighters gait when he walks, from years and years of fencing. His hair is kept in a middle length tail, tied loosely down his back. He bears a scar on his right cheek, shaped in a crescent, from fooling around with rapiers while not in armor.


Zach has a very positive personality, he always has a smile on his face and is generally in a good mood. When on duty he likes to break any reigning monotony with quips and jokes in good humor, though when things come down to crunch time he becomes entirely professional.


Zach was born to an Efrosian mother and a human father aboard a cargo hauler that his mother captained. Shortly after his birth they transferred to the federation colony New Cairo, which was a heavy gravity planet where his father worked as a researcher and his mother took over as quartermaster.

In school he was always top of his class in sciences and mathematics, and around average in other subjects. Extra-curricularly he was a champion fencer, learning styles quickly and excelling beyond his instructors expectations.

After high school he applied and was accepted to the New Berlin University, School of Theoretical Physics. There he majored in Quantum Mechanics with a minor in linguistics. Seven years later he emerged with a PhD, after writing a thesis on the effects of artificial singularities on the subspace strata of binary and trinary star systems.

Shortly after he applied to Starfleet Academy, and while a bit older than the typical student, he was readily accepted and spent his four years essentially relearning quantum mechanics and subspace theory. Upon graduating he was assigned to Io Station, sifting through the data of deep space probes and starships that had sent their sensor logs to be organized and cataloged.

He spent 2 years aboard Io Station before being transferred to the medical starship USS Hippocrates as Assistant Chief Science Officer. After another 2 year mission he was transferred to Kepler Station to take over as Assistant Chief Science Officer.


3 Months with Kepler
13 March - June 2010