Zoey Thomas

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Zoey Thomas


Rank: Civilian
Position: Counsellor
Player: Stephen


Species: Human
Gender: Female
Born: 1 May 2362
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5"2'


Zoey has a very unique personality, almost two really. While she is a very intelligent girl who always received high grades, and a member of the honor societies she isn't always that bright. Zoey has a split personality disorder that causes her to have different personalities at time which is mostly controlled by medication. Her personalities include her normal self who is quiet and very intelligence, to a very intelligent but ditzy girl, the next a personality who has an imaginary pet rock named Darby.

Zoey is very friendly and loves people which was a major reason for her choice of profession.



Zoey had a great childhood she was born on Luna, the Earth's moon. She lived with her parents until the age of five when she moved to Earth. She lived in Hawaii with her Grandparent's at a beautiful ocean front home and loved the ocean with all of her heart. Her mother and father were both officers in Starfleet and were away, leaving her with her grandparents. She grew up like a normal kid with lots of friends and a total social bug. When she turned thirteen the first sign of psychiatric disorder showed it's face. Zoey was living as two people the other named Beth, short for Bethany.

Zoey spent a year in a hospital and left when she was fourteen. She found that she had a brand new baby sister who she loved dearly. Her father and mother were reassigned to the same ship and they left leaving their two daughters with their grandparents once again. Her Grandfather passed away and her personalities had a slight struggle but her normal self prevailing. Her Grandmother who was also slowly declining in health in her age Zoey at the age of fifteen began to take care of both her grandmother and her sister.

On her sixteenth birthday Zoey had a breakdown and was hospitalized for a month after her Grandmother died. It was then her imaginary pet rock named Darby was invented in her mind. She was released for the facility and returned to Hawaii with her Mother, her father having not been able to return.

The family moved to a Starbase where the parents were assigned, and when sent on a mission on an attached ship Zoey's parents were killed. This left Zoey as the legal guardian of her little sister, Olivia. Zoey and Olivia returned to Hawaii where they lived in an Apartment on a different Island from their Grandparents. They didn't live as close to the ocean but a good view of it was alright. Zoey worked hard at school and as a waitress and taking care of Olivia with the help of one of the neighbors they called Grandma Kat.

Zoey graduated from High School at the age of 17 and joined the Starfleet academy. She was removed from the Starfleet section of the academy however remained in her classes toward her degree until the end of the year. This was caused by medical reasons, mostly due to separation from her sister. After leaving the Academy after her freshman year she moved to New York where she attended Columbia University. While at Columbia she finished her training and became licensed as a Counselor and continues her PhD in Psychiatry in a Distance Learning program.

Service Record

  • 2379: Joined Starfleet Academy, First Year Cadet
  • 2380: Medically Discharged, Starfleet
  • 2380: Columbia University, Psychiatry Major, Sociology Minor
  • 2383: Graduates from Columbia with B.S. in Psychiatry and Sociology
  • 2384: Begins Graduate Studies, Graduates w/ Honors M.S. in Psychiatry & Sociology
  • 2385: Certified Mental Health Counselor, Civilian Contractor for Starfleet Medical, assigned Kepler Station, Delta Quadrant.


Grandmother: Patricia Ellis
Father: James Thomas
Mother: Katelyn Thomas
Sister: Olivia Thomas


Newcomer Award
Hello, My Name is Kepler
3 Months with Kepler
3 Mar - Jun 2009
6 Months with Kepler
3 Mar - Sep 2009
1 Year with Kepler
3 March 2009 - 2010