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Sim image and reputation is something that is of vital importance to any sim. They are the two key factors that attract players. All players (whether they realise it or not) are looking for a sim that has a good image and a good reputation. So that means you've got to be on your best behaviour, be polite yet friendly and welcoming and available.

The first thing that a potential player is likely to see will be your ad. So let's move onto that.


Let's make this quick and painless (like the removal of a sticky plaster - eep!). You want to draw them in quickly, give them some relevant information and make it easy for them to get to your website. So this is quite important you'll want to spend some time on this to keep them interested and wanting more, but not bore them with too much information in one go.

Here's some guidelines on what you should include:

  • Hook - like bait in fishing, something to catch attention
  • Basic information about the sim, name, class, focus
  • What makes the sim unique (does it focus on civilian contractors?)
  • List a few open positions
  • A link direct to your sim's spiffy little website <-- a must
  • Anything else you feel is necessary
  • Sign it off with your character rank, name and ship


  • All caps are bad (it's considered shouting)
  • Be unique and interesting
  • Check spelling and grammar
  • Have someone else check your spelling and grammar (if you're not that great at it yourself)
  • Don't write a novel
  • Consider your target audience

Sample Ad

Do you know what its like to hunt down a nanitic race of space germs bent on the destruction of the Federation?

Have you ever found yourself in Astrometrics after a major eclipse of three planets, two moons, a planetoid, trapped with a psychotic holographic Irish barwench?

A lot can happen aboard a science ship.

Do you have what it takes to be Inundated By Knowledge?

The USS Archimedes is a Nova class vessel that currently boasts a Science Department of three active players one of which is a part time civilian Counsellor. Oh, and we also have six of those other people who fly the ship, shoot things and sit around tapping at the warp core all day, and what's that guy called... the one who sits in that chair on the deck thing... the captain?

Open Positions:

  • Brilliant yet Eccentric Scientist
  • Arrogant and Mediocre Scientist
  • Wannabe Scientist (ie Starfleet trained)
  • Person who Shoots Things
  • Person who fixes Shot Things
  • Person who heals Person who fixes Shot Things who was accidentally shot by Person who Shoots Things while they were trying to Shoot Things

Civilians will be paid on a scale directly proportionate to the Quality of their Characters Biography, Officers and Enlisted will receive free food and lodging.

Apply within

Commodore Nathan Geiger
USS Archimedes

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