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Rank: Petty Officer 3rd Class
Department: Stellar Cartographer
Player: Stephen


Species: Edo
Gender: Female
Haircolour: Blonde
Eyecolour: Green
Height: 5"2'
Age: 20


Amira is a very shy person afraid of disappointing or worse breaking the rules. Following the rules is a very large part of her anxieties as on her homeworld the punishment for even the most minor crimes result in death. Amira is very quiet about her beliefs as she tends to not necessarily agree with those on her planet about strictness in punishment nor does she believe in the Gods of her world exercising power over them. While she is afraid of disturbing others and trying to keep to herself to fly under the radar she is from a very sexually open and forward planet and she finds herself craving contact and feeling very alone though trying to fit in as best as possible.


Amira's main ambition is to be able to fit in with her fellow members of Starfleet and feel less awkward about herself and her situation. She also has some other desires in educating herself enough so that she might pass entry into the Academy or even apply for Officer Candidate School if she obtains a degree. Her third and most distant goal is to find a mate so that she feels less alone and can satisfy her need for physical contact, though this ambition has never been more than a thought.

Hobbies & Interests

Amira often spends most of her time studying and often it's the cultures of the various federation species. She also occasionally enjoys painting, usually landscapes of her homeworld she does from memory.

Personal History

Amira was born to her parents on her home world of Rubicun III her father was a local leader and her mother was a teacher at the local school. Amira was an intelligent child who always had a knack for learning and excelled in the education program once enrolled.

As she got older her father who became increasingly annoyed with the locals and after being threatened in his beliefs that they should form research into gaining space travel technology like the visitors prior, the USS Enterprise in 2364, he ended up resigning from his post.

Her father continued to become more of an outcast as he found some followers and began to protest that the organisms who control their world are not a God but holding them hostage. He eventually develops a device that was capable of sending messages beyond the planet's atmosphere. While the entity, known as God to the Edo, allowed the transmission to pass he was found out by a mediator and summarily executed him.

Amira's mother denied knowing anything about this and further tarnished her father's name and refusing to be called his widow. Amira ended up living with a friend of her father's who saw similar beliefs that she knew sympathized with her.

When a craft carrying a civilian research team arrived to check with the communication having found the records of a first contact existing they decided to try and go to the planet's surface. They were allowed as guests to the planet as the latest Edo leader was a sympathizer of Amira's father allowed them to be guests. The group offered to transport anyone willing to Federation Territory in exchange for some goods.

Amira another female and four males were essentially smuggled back to the transport and escape before the guardian entity were able to intervene. On the transport they were attacked by pirates which lead to the damage of the vessel, loss of goods being carried, and the death of some crew members and two of the Edo men. The survivors were rescued by a Starfleet vessel which eventually be came her home for a few months.

After spending a few months on the starfleet vessel and getting as acclimated as she could, especially to wearing clothing that was "appropriate" she decided she wanted to continue living with the people of the Federation. She began testing and it was decided that she could take the entrance exam to Starfleet but failed. She then took the enlistment testing and passed and was able to enlist in starfleet.

Amira went to bootcamp and was introduced into more of a culture shock she made it through the first two phases of training but then rephased to the beginning instead of being washed out completely. She was able to complete the bootcamp the second time and upon graduation she went to Deep Space 4 where she was initially attached to the Operations Department. While serving aboard she was able to be reassigned to the Science Department which needed more assistance with experiments being conducted. She was trained as a lab assistant and helped to record data and conduct minor procedures as part of the experiment while supervised.

Amira found that she loved science and applied for Science Technician A-school and then upon completion was assigned to Stellar Cartographer C-School learning how to operate within the system that ran the star charts and astrometrics systems used by Starfleet. Upon completion of her training she was assigned to Kepler Station as a Lab Technician and Cartographer.

Service Record

  • Starfleet Academy Application - Rejected
  • Starfleet Enlisted Career Aptitude Test - Approved for Enlistment
  • United Federation of Planets Citizen Application & Background Check - Approved
  • Enlisted Starfleet - Basic Training - Crewman Recruit
  • Rephased to Phase 1 of Basic Training
  • Graduated Basic Training - Promoted to Crewman Apprentice - Assigned to Deep Space 4, Operations Department, Non-Rate
  • Reassigned to Science Department, Lab Assistant
  • Promoted to Crewman
  • Assigned to Science Technician A-School
  • Graduated A-School - Assigned Stellar Cartographer C-School - Promoted to Petty Officer Third Class
  • Assigned Kepler Station, Lab Technician/Stellar Cartographer


Newcomer Award
Hello, My Name is Kepler (as Zoey Thomas)
3 Months with Kepler
3 Mar - Jun 2009 (as Zoey Thomas)
6 Months with Kepler
3 Mar - Sep 2009 (as Zoey Thomas)
1 Year with Kepler
3 March 2009 - 2010 (as Zoey Thomas)
3 Months with Kepler
23 Aug - Nov 2015
Got Your Back Pin
For getting the mission moving again in Take It or Leavitt
6 Months with Kepler
23 Aug - Feb 2016