Arenda Britannia Croft

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Cadet4.pngArenda-Britannia "Ally" Croft

Rank: 4th Year Cadet
Position: Science Cadet
Player: Vesper



Species: 75% Human, 12.5% El Aurian, 12.5% Betazoid
Gender: Female
Born: 2360, Rotterdam, Earth (26yo)
Hair: Chocolate Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'7"

Beauty and grace are some of the more aristocratic characteristics of Arenda "Ally" Croft. A beautiful European young woman, she has the typical characteristics of a woman of Northern European Birth. Paper pale skin and accentuated brown hair and eyes contrast against each other and her hair is often draped across her face or held back with her bangs. Her eyes are an easily shifted hazel and the base color is a multicolor brown with a blue or green outer halo depending on the lighting.


Arenda can be described as a Science "Savant", a very hard working and intelligent woman who succeeds very easily at science, but alas she does have some very odd social skills. She's quirky and intelligent, possessing several qualities that define her as being a distinct person.

Arenda is often absorbed in her work on-duty and while she doesn't stray from people, her personal conversations are limited and she has reservations on romantic relationships with people one works with. She speaks simply and quietly, beyond some hushed words of humor and quirky comments about science. Arenda is emotionally soft and expresses them through an often hushed manor, she's unsure of her self in her social abilities or her own work at certain points.

Arenda has an easy time talking to intellects of a similar personae but is often thrown off my stronger and dominant personalities, but still enters her opinion with her usual candor and intelligence. Arenda isn't one to flaunt about her accomplishments and let's her intelligence be measured by those around her. She is often noted for being, "Smart, Beautiful, but unsure of her self, ask for her opinion you get it, give her a task, she completes it, ask her out on a date, she gawks and shuts down". Her personal life is one of simplicity, she immerses her self in culture and arts, and her many animal's she takes care of.

Arenda's empathic powers have never been fleshed out and instead they have morphed with her El-Aurian Grandmother's pseudo-empathic abilities and created an alertness to people's emotions at a much lower level. Emotions bounce back at her like echoes and she is able to feel the emotions in characterization only and cannot scan deep enough like Troi or Arenda's father. She is very acute to the feelings of animals though as their minds are more primal, hence her interest in Zoology.


Arenda-Britannia Croft was born in Rotterdam in the Netherlands in 2360 to an El-Aurian/Human mother, Dr. Kreantia Croft (Nee Varrington) and a half Betazoid Father, Alexander Croft. Arenda came from old money, her grandmother (The El-Aurian One) is the Duchess of Barindon and her mother has been granted the title of Countess of Abingdon, making money not just from Inheritance but a large monopoly on Shipping. Her Grandmother is still a very important member of Paris Society and the former Attorney General and Secretary of Education was recently elected Secretary of Defense a year ago.

Rotterdam, Ally's hometown and one of the few cities left of "Old Earth"(Before WW III)

Her father was a former Naval Architect for Starfleet, and Chief Architect for Starfleet, a post he is slated to hold for another five years before retirement.

Arenda grew up in a family of academics, both of her Alien Grandmothers held PhDs in Communications and attended Law School and served in Starfleet for six years actively together on Starbase 23. Their children latter married and had just one child of date (Kreantia is still capable of having children and Alexander has had an interest in having a son) and raised her in Rotterdam and in Britain, as evident with Arenda hybrid type of accent.

On the other hand Arenda's extended family is quite large, while her El-Aurian Grandmother is relatively young and was only married once to her husband, the 8th House of Betazed (which is the house of Alexander and his Mother) has a large number of members and it is quite clear Arenda is posed to take the Leadership of the house after her Grandmother Passes. Her family in England, being very, very old, has extended it's self across the former commonwealth of the British Empire and her colonies.

Arenda's name was never befitting of her, it would seem Noble Eagle never really was apparent on the outside. From her childhood she played with other children, but always had an overactive mind and imagination, she excelled in arts and was known for being a quirky and reclusive girl. At age 10 she fully dived into languages and other social sciences and dedicated the rest of her education to the cultured programs at her schools in Rotterdam and later in Abingdon England. Arenda's childhood was divided between the two cities across the English Channel and was bi-lingual at an early age, opening her mind to other languages early on. Learning over 10 by the time she entered University including English, Dutch, French, Vulcan, Deltan, Japanese, Betazoid, El-Aurian, Cardassian, Romulan and Ferengi.


Arenda tested out of high-school at the age of 16 at attended a college prep-school at Wimbledon before transferring to her dream college at Columbia in Manhattan Isle at 17, over nine months before her 18th birthday, almost completing a full year of University before her 18th Birthday. Majoring in Medicine and Law, and a minor in Linguistics, she juggled her studies well(At the expense of her social life) Arenda graduated from Columbia University four years later and then transferred her studies to the campus of Starfleet Academy across the Continent. Arenda's reasons were purely to advance her education; she saw more of an opportunity to advance her career by attending the selective institution and an excellent science and medical department sealed the door. While most would consider this choice to enter the school compulsive, Arenda viewed it as an experience to help her further her science career and a chance to learn even more on the Frontier and open space then some research position at Daystrom.

Ally attended both Columbia University and Starfleet Academy, a fact she is very proud of

Military life was more lax then Arenda had thought and while she came from a military lineage, she found Starfleet Academy from a Social and Academic view, more of a very prestigious Academy with a Military shadow. Arenda spent 5 years at Starfleet Medical Academy studying medicine, and continued her linquistic studies. She spent 5 years on campus studying various topics in science and medicine though has yet to finish her M.D. During her time at the campus she was involved in a Romantic Relationship with an ensign Robert LuCon, though nothing became sexual nor very intimate, dating only three months. Arenda's interests in work rather then pleasure have often gotten in the way of would be relationships. Arenda spent(And still does) a lot of time at animal rescue shelters and other animal service agencies.

At the beginning of her 6th year she was assigned to her Cadet Internship in the science department on Kepler Station, she has plans to end her studies in the summer of the next year and finally graduate from the Academy.

It was also during this time that Arenda's cadet internship was pushed back to the end of 2386 and she considered leaving the academy and going back to Yale where she had done half of her medical classes through an exchange program. It was also on Kepler that Arenda was caught in the middle of a terrorist crisis that had her and Doctor Fennella Zuribel trapped in a botany lab for a little under two hours when an explosion wrecked through the station where Arenda sustained minor injuries and got drunk for the first time.

Education: Primary: Abingdon School for Girls

Secondary: Avon-Imperial Academy

College: Columbia University(Joint B.A and B.Sci, History and Biology)

Medical School: Starfleet Medical Academy & Yale School of Medicine: (M.D and B.Sci in Natural Sciences at Starfleet Academy)


Dr Kreantia Croft


Dr. Kreantia Croft(M.D) is Arenda's intrepid half El-Aurian, half human mother of 52 years and still looks quite amazing for her age in human terms, though her aging is still greater then a normal El-Auria though she still looks almost timeless. She met her future husband, Alexander Croft, while studying at Harvard at a party thrown by the university to bring together MIT(Where Alexander was completing his B.Sci in engineering and ROTC) students and Harvard students. They were married after Alexander proposed after completing his graduate studies at the Yale School of Architecture and when Kreantia was still at Harvard Medical School studying Thoracic Surgery. They had Arenda nine months later when Kreantia was 26 and in her last year of medical school and when Alexander was on leave after fighting the last battles of the Cardassian Wars.

Kreantia now practices Medicine at a small hospital in London and as she has her own money she doesn't feel the need to make more in lucrative private practice, but states that public service doesn't pay too bad either.

Alexander Croft


Rear Admiral Alexander Croft is Arenda's half-human, half-Betazoid father of 53 years. He is both a graduate of MIT, and Yale School of Architecture who later provided his services to Starfleet after his graduate studies on the out break of the Cardassian Wars. He stayed in service longer then his ROTC service required and stayed in the office of Starfleet Drafting and Design office for the next 26 years Later he became the Chief Architect for Starfleet in 2375 at the rank of Captain, a feat never before heard of. He was promoted to Commodore a year later and Rear Admiral three years later. He is both a distinquished Engineer and Architect and a decorated War Hero, a fact his wife can never let rest.


Newcomer Award
Mission: Tombaugh's Garden
3 Months with Kepler
3 Oct 2010 - Jan 2011