Arnav Ziya

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Cadet4.pngArnav Ziya

Rank: 4th Year Cadet
Position: Medical Cadet
Player: Vince


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 04-13-2366
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'9"

A noticeably attractive man, Arnav reaches a height of five feet, nine inches and weighs approximately one-hundred and seventy-one pounds. His physique is of a lighter build, yet well-toned and defined. Arnav's skin-tone is of an olive complexion. His hair is maintained relatively short, generally reaching mid-neck in length and is black in color. His eyes are a uniquely radiant green in color.


A veraciously focused and driven individual, Arnav is detail and task oriented. Occasionally prone to sarcasm and cynicism, Arnav is generally an idealist with strong moral convictions about "right" and "wrong," "good" and "evil," and he is courageous about his ideals. Among these are the sanctity of life, galactic peace, universal education, elimination of poverty and the unifying principles of the Federation. His behavior and mannerisms are affable but they can be conservative and heavily influenced by the traditions and culture that have been preserved within his family. He places a high premium on good manners and does his best to avoid confrontations. In private, he is pleasant, articulate, and compassionate but analytical. Arnav has a special attachment to sentimental objects from the past, a trait inherited from his father and his early desire to be an archaeologist. He quietly pursues perfection in his duties and his personal life while actively avoiding the frustration that often leads to the downfall of perfectionists. Surprising to many people, he has a need for recognition of his efforts and to be well-liked among his peers.

Arnav's primary strength is his discipline, both in speech and action. He strives to be categorically diplomatic and urbane in dealing with other people but occasionally his quick temper -- the cause of a constant internal battle -- gets the best of him. His weaknesses center around being sometimes stubborn and temperamental. Although he strives to be calm, collected and detached from the outcome of things, he can often be adamant in sticking to his principles. He can have his feelings hurt easily and when he perceives that someone has crossed a line he will hold a grudge for quite some time. He is also driven by curiosity, sometimes leading him into situations where he'd rather not be (despite the fact that his own compulsion brought him there). This habit has caused some difficulties for him in the past.


Arnav Ziya was the third child born (his two older brothers are Yamir Ziya (33) and Aris Ziya (36)) to a "Federation family" in the city of Agra in 2366 to Sonli Taj-Ziya and Dara Ziya. Arnav was exposed to the Federation and Starfleet from a very young age, most notably through his mother's work with the Federation News Service (FNS), first as a reporter and later as an anchorperson with the Federation News Network (FNN).

At the age of 10, Arnav and his family moved from Agra to New Delhi where his father assumed the position of Director-General for the Baha'i House of Worship, making him the steward of some of Earth's oldest religious and culturally historic buildings in the country of India.

In his early years, he aspired to follow in the footsteps of his father and become a civilian archaeologist and diplomat. His aspirations changed the year before he entered high school. After a lengthy discussion with his parents (and much to his father's disappointment), Arnav entered the Starfleet Academy Preparatory School in Paris in advance of applying to Starfleet Academy, of which he applied for in 2381.

During the Spring of 2383, Arnav started to attend classes at Starfleet Academy full-time; although his father had placed a tremendous amount of pressure on him to enroll in the science's division, perhaps in hopes of a last ditch effort to have his son follow in his footsteps, Arnav elected, instead, to enroll in the medical division, specifically that of the clinical psychology field.

The first year at the academy found Arnav completing mostly pre-requisite course work as well as tending to the regimental-type activities the academy required for all first year cadets. It was at the start of his second year at the academy that Arnav was able to select clinical psychology with a concentration in post-traumatic stress disorder.

For his first three years at the academy, Arnav was able to procure honors status at the conclusion of each semester due to hard work and exceptional dedication to his studies; although his placement did not warrant the status of high honors, as his father would have preferred, Arnav's parents were proud and generally pleased with their son's accolades.

Completing his sixth semester at the academy during the early part of May 2386, Arnav was promoted to the rank of Cadet Senior Grade with the invitation to participate in Starfleet Academy's acclaimed distance learning program. This coveted program allowed elitist cadet's the opportunity to complete their academy training assigned to an actual duty-station where they would receive classroom as well as in-service experience firsthand. Additionally, he earned several minor academic achievements that warranted notation in his official service jacket.

Prior to being dispatched to his distance learning assignment, Arnav had the opportunity to participate in a two week shore leave. He spent most of this time at home with his family; however, Arnav recalled it as being a very stressful period.

During this two week hiatus, Arnav and his parents often argued and debated his decision in joining Starfleet; furthermore, they questioned the true latitude of his achievements, challenging whether their youngest child had even met the high expectations they had set for him. Although Arnav had not been able to attain high honors, he had done well to ensure he remained on the honors level throughout the entirety of his academy career thus far. However, such proclamations fell on deaf ears when concerning his parents, especially his father. It seemed to Arnav that even if he had achieved the expectations set forth by his parents, they would still look down on him simply for selecting a different career path than they. What made the entire ordeal unbearable, was that his parents often cited the honor of the family name and how his actions, past, present and future, would weigh heavily on ensuring the successful continuation of said name in a positive and beneficial light. In truth, Arnav felt as if his parents had placed an insurmountable pressure upon him; not only was he now accountable for his own actions, but he was terribly worried that said actions would taint the name and reputation of his family, a reputation often considered more important than the interpersonal family dynamics. When Arnav left home after the shore leave had concluded, he wasn't on direct speaking terms with either of his parents.

Shortly after returning to the academy, Arnav received orders to report on board Kepler Station as a cadet within the station's medical department.


Father: Dara Ziya
Mother: Sonli Taj-Ziya
Older Brothers: Yamir Ziya (33) and Aris Ziya (36)