Auli’i “Meli” Khor

From Station

USS Harbinger: Petty Officer 1st Class - Auli’i “Meli” Khor


Position: Navigation Specialist
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Born: 2351
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'5"


Matching boundless energy with unshakeable joviality, Meli is lighthearted and prone to frivolity. She both appears and acts much younger than her age. As such, the stunning human would seem a better fit as a Risan hospitality attendant than as a starship crewman. Perhaps she would be on the pleasure planet now, but for her extraordinary navigational talents and her unquenchable taste for adventure. These qualities, on the one hand, make Meli approachable, friendly, and pleasant to be around in general situations. Within the regimented life of Starfleet, on the other hand, her traits create some problems.


It is Meli’s happy-go-lucky nature that lands her in disciplinary trouble time and again. Her refusal to allow somber officers and superiors to quash her mood causes her to quite frequently appear to be flippant in the execution of orders. Her sense of humor is freewheeling, leading to inappropriate or poorly timed comments, even in the most serious or dire of situations. Ms. Khor also often fails to distinguish between on- and off-duty situations, resulting in unprofessional behavior on-duty, such as chronic flirtation, teasing, and demonstrations of affection while on active duty.

Interests: A hopelessly social creature, Meli craves interpersonal activities, be it bonding over a round of synthale, dancing, or playing a game of cards in the crew quarters. While Meli keeps herself trim and up to Starfleet standards of fitness, she is not athletically gifted, and prefers lounging in a hot tub to swimming laps.


Auli’i “Meli” Khor was raised on the island of Kaua’i of the Hawai’ian Islands, central Pacific Ocean, Earth. She was raised as a child in the Hawai’ian tradition, although her ancestry is a mix of various Asian and Indo-European human ethnicities. The happiness that exudes from her today can perhaps be attributed to a youth spent in a virtual utopia comparable even to Risa itself, of days filled with lush vegetation, warm soft sand and the constant, gentle lullaby of crashing waves. She was raised by a full set of grandparents, her father, Kekoa, an Earth-based Starfleet researcher. Her mother, Vivian Tio, is a xenobiologist, and spent most of Meli’s youth exploring the frontiers of the Federation aboard Starfleet vessels. Meli also has an older sister, Kei, and a younger brother, Maka.

From an early age, Meli’s two pre-eminent characteristics--her exuberance and her intellect--were obvious to her entire family. The former trait earned her the nickname “Meli,” meaning “honey” and in reference to her perceived sweetness. Meanwhile, the latter trait, her intelligence, earned her prestigious scholarships and opportunities to study with some of the best teachers on Earth… at first. However, her seeming lack of discipline and several classroom disruptions caused by her clowning led to her dismissal from more than one institution, and Meli proceeded through her coursework at the normal speed. Her father, confident that all his children were in fact brilliant, spent significant time tutoring Meli and finding academic subjects that interested her. Aware that children learned in different ways, Kekoa took to integrating into Meli’s dry lesson plans a great deal of storytelling.

One such story, told to Meli near her fourteenth birthday, concerned the history of the Hawai’ian people and the other great seafarers of Earth, and how the early humans conquered the seas and traveled vast distances for months and years with nothing but the stars to guide them. It was from this story that Meli first became fascinated with star charting, an interest that would eventually become a career path.

In the Khor family, the approved career paths were those of the sciences or Starfleet. Unable to fathom spending her life locked up in an ivory tower, Meli took the entrance examinations for Starfleet Academy at age 18. While testing well on the written exams, Meli was found to lack sufficient sobriety to serve as a Starfleet officer. Never discouraged, Meli figured that this was a sign that Starfleet was not for her, and set out to explore space aboard civilian vessels, spending nearly half a decade crisscrossing the Alpha Quadrant. Although never seeming to spend more than ten months on any one ship, Meli gained a reputation as a navigator savant, able to find shortcuts, alternate routes, and celestial anomalies almost instinctually.

The life of a freelancing navigator had grown difficult to sustain by the time of the Second Federation-Klingon War, and by the dawning of the Dominion War it was almost impossible, as civilian sector routes became more rigid and narrow in order fit within the protection that Starfleet could provide. Seeing the writing on the wall, Meli enlisted in Starfleet as a Navigations Specialist, finding that though her lackadaisical nature may have disqualified her from leadership, Starfleet was still happy to have her apply her talents aboard their ships. At the fall of Betazed to Dominion forces, Meli served a critical role in helping a squadron of fighters escape certain death by identifying anomalous nearby tetryon radiation that provided ad hoc partial cloaking for the fighters until a Jem’Hadar scout ship had passed. For this ingenuity, Meli was promoted to Chief Petty Officer and assigned as a helmsman on the USS Inuit. The promotion lasted less than a month, when Ms. Khor was demoted for dereliction of duties to Petty Officer First Class, though she continued to serve in frontline vessels for the remainder of the war, participating in half a dozen more battles and strategic strike operations.

Finding life in uniform more exciting than expected, Meli stayed on with Starfleet at the conclusion of the war. She relapsed into her old pattern of being unable to hold a posting for a full year, and thus has served on a wide range of ships before her current assignment to Starbase 232 and the USS Harbinger.

Starfleet Record

  • 2369—Applicant to Starfleet Academy; Rejected on Basis of Psychological and Leadership Evaluation
  • 2373—Enlisted in Starfleet; Based on Evaluative Testing, given non-commissioned officer rank of Petty Officer 3rd Class, Navigations Specialist, assigned to USS Shallash. Promoted to Petty Officer 2nd Class
  • 2374—Promoted to Petty Officer 1st Class, assigned to USS Taxco. Service Citation for action taken at the Battle of Betazed; promoted to Chief Petty Officer, assigned to USS Inuit as helmsman. Demoted to Petty Officer First Class for dereliction of duty, assigned to USS Vanna
  • 2375—Assigned to USS Amanin
  • 2376—Assigned to USS Grax
  • 2377—Assigned to Starbase 42. Assigned to USS Pendulum
  • 2379—Leave of Absence
  • 2380—Assigned to USS Roth
  • 2381—Assigned to USS Park. Assigned to USS Rhone
  • 2382—Assigned to Starbase 163
  • 2383—Assigned to USS Blalock
  • 2384—Assigned to USS Ra-ghoratreii. Assigned to T’Maran
  • 2385—Assigned to USS Harbinger