Dirda Tobit

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Ensign.pngDirda Tobit

Rank: Ensign
Position: Flight Control Officer
Player: Jacob


Species: Bajoran
Gender: Female
Born: 28th July 2364 (23 years old)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'7"


He is naturally outgoing, but after surviving the Dominion War, he has become less trusting and more insular. He still is quite friendly, but it takes him time to learn to trust others. He is sensitive to slights to his brother, and other underdogs in society. While still faithful to the prophets, and very much a Bajoran, he has come to adopt much of the culture of Earth, since he was brought to Earth at age eleven. He struggles to overcome his hatred of Cardassians, knowing it is misplaced, but it is deep seated and still a struggle for him.


Tai Chi (taken up on Earth); Vulcan Lyre; Singing; Swimming; Old Earth detective stories


Tobit was born on Bajor, some nine years before the Dominion War. He was the son of two minor bureaucrats. He had a quiet upbringing in a modest neighborhood. He was apprenticed to a temple, as a young boy, and spent much of his life, before the war, studying the Prophets. Never the less, he remained at home, and commuted to the temple.

Tobit's family, during the occupation, still worked for the government, though they were secretly part of the resistance. Publicly, his parents never spoke out against their oppressors and were even though of as collaborators, by some, who did not know that they were working secretly against the Cardassians.

Tobit was always an outgoing lad, and had many friends among his piers. He did not try to become poplar, but was by nature headed in that direction. His younger brother Towin, was mentally handicapped, and Tobit spent much of his time watching out for his brother. His brother was teased unmercifully and Tobit lost many who would have been friends, over his defense of his brother.

During the first few months of the war, his parents continued their secret work against the Cardassians, while still putting on a public show of loyalty. They were betrayed by a friend, a fellow Bajoran, and would have gone to prison. Another friend tipped them off about the arrest, and they went into hiding. They became part of the underground.

His father and mother fought in the war, while Tobit and Towin just hid. It was a scary and lonely period in his life, as he watched the world that he loved subjugated and his childhood friends vanish, one-by-one.

In the first year of the war, his father died and his mother was severely injured during a raid on a Dominion compound. In the second year of the war, his mother managed to sneak her family off world to DS9. They were almost immediately relocated to Earth as refugees. On Earth, his mother was given a low level job with Star Fleet Intelligence, working specifically on the war effort. Tobit and Towin entered the public school system, where they fared well with their academics. Tobit made a few friends, but had been changed by the war. He was not longer the care free, open child he had once been, and played things closer to the vest. He started to study the Earth art of Tai Chi, as decided by his mother, to try to help control his emotions, and while he became very proficient in the art, he still struggled to deal with emotions related to the war.

When Tobit was old enough, he entered Starfleet Academy. He did well at the Academy, graduating in the top 10 percent of his class. During his time at the Academy, he learned to open up again, and to trust in a small group of friends. His mother continued to work for Starfleet, as a secretary, and his brother took on a low level maintenance job at the Academy. Both are still serving in those capacities.

He was assigned to the USS Amsterdam as a junior flight control officer, right out of the Academy. His first year of service was largely uneventful, though he was in combat a handful of times. He received a written warning for a bar brawl he was involved with, while visiting Earth, after someone insulted his brother, but otherwise served with distinction. The chief flight control officer, at the time, was a Vulcan. She taught him much about controlling his emotions and also instructed him on playing the Vulcan lyre, which he has proven to have a natural affinity for. She took on the task of instructing him in Vulcan meditation, after his bar brawl. He is practices meditation to this day.

Service Record

  • 2386: U.S.S. Amsterdam | Flight Control Officer


Mother: Dirda Della
Brother: Dirda Towin (2 years junior)