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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Current Players

Prospective Players:

What is Kepler?

In Character: Kepler is a Regula class station located in the Alpha Quadrant (or soon will be). Its primary mission is to be a waypoint for all things sciencey found, discovered or created in said quadrant, before it is shipped back home to Starfleet.

Out of Character: It's a play by forum sim set in a Star Trek environment. We're really big on character development and interaction with some plot thrown in for good measure. We're also a tight-knit community that likes to write a lot of joint posts together.

How do you sim?

We each have our own character that we've created (some have more than one). We use our own character to contribute to an ongoing shared story. We describe the actions, reactions and thoughts of our characters, along with their interactions with others and how they contribute to the developing plot. And we do this by working together, through collaborative storytelling.

How much time does it take?

It varies but most people spend three to eight hours a week on Kepler. This includes writing posts, participating in joint posts and the out of character community we have. So before you submit an application, ask yourself if you have that much time to dedicate to the sim.

What do I need to do to join?

It's basically a three step process. Four if you count the proofreading and spellcheck :D It's also a good idea to save a copy as our system won't send you one.

  • You will need to create your own original character. For more information on how to do that, go here: Bio
  • You will also need to submit a sample post, this is to show us your character in action and also to give us an idea of your level of writing. For more information, go here: Post <-- for the sample post you'll want to use the conclusion option
  • Submit your application (character bio and sample post) here: Join

Don't forget to proofread and spellcheck!

How old do I have to be to join?

You need to be at least 18 years of age in order to apply to Kepler. This is because we desire the freedom to write unhindered. It will allow us to delve into adult themes, if we feel like it.

Are there any species not allowed on Kepler?

Yes, there are. You can find them listed here: Bio <-- scroll down the page a bit

Can I play a character from a Star Trek show or movie?

No. The idea here is that we all create our own original characters to write for. Be creative and exercise that awesome imagination of yours :D

What rank types are there?

There are three types. Officer, Enlisted and Civilian. Civilans obviously have no rank track so it's fairly obvious there. Civilians can be contracted for science or medical positions.

What rank will I start at?

This is a tricky question and will be dependent on a few things:

  • What rank type you select (see above question)
    • If you pick officer we're limited to a maximum of 8 officers on Kepler, even then you're looking at Lieutenant or lower (unless it's for XO)
    • If you pick enlisted, up to Petty Officer 1st Class although Department Heads will usually start at Petty Officer 1st Class or Chief Petty Officer
  • Your character's experience
  • The ranks of those already on the sim in comparison to your character
  • And sometimes your own experience may play a factor in this.

What happens after I submit my application?

  • The Commanding Officer receives a copy of the application
  • If you have applied for an Assistant or below position then a copy will also go to the relevant Department Head for their feedback. If you have applied for a Department Head or XO position then a copy will be shared with all existing Department Heads for their feedback
  • Once feedback has been obtained the Commanding Officer will respond to you and one of three outcomes could happen:
    • Your application is turned down
    • Some changes have been requested before acceptance
    • You have been accepted to Kepler
  • Once accepted, you will receive a welcome / confirmation email which will provide what we hope is helpful information for your time on Kepler. This will also be CC'd to your Department Head (or XO)
  • The Commanding Officer will register you on our forums and provide you with an account for our wikisite
  • There will be a thread on the forum with your character's name on it, this is your official welcome to the sim and announcement to every player that you are here and this is your character. Say hi!

What is a subsim?

A subsim is a sim that operates within a sim. It runs on the mother sim's forums and wikisite and will sometimes interact with the mother sim and those on board it. Kepler doesn't currently host a subsim, but sometimes we'll set one up depending on interest and opportunity :)

I have a question...

If you have a question that isn't on our FAQs then please send it through to us here: Contact-us

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Prospective Players

Current Players:

How do I get promoted?

This is an event which will usually happen to fill an in character need. For example if you move into a Department Head position this could also be coupled with a rank promotion. Other instances are made on a case by case basis, too many people of the same rank, there is a rank gap that needs to be filled, or perhaps your character's career calls for it. There is no real set criteria, it just happens.

Other ways to recognise achievement on Kepler include awards for writing and time served, as well as recognition and added responsibilities (running missions / subplots, offered position advancement)

What is the chain of command?

The chain of command is what I beat you with... No wait. Wrong show.

The chain of command works in two ways on Kepler.

In character it is the level of authority or seniority. At the top is Command, below them are the Department Heads and then the Crew. Orders are handed down from the top to be carried out by those below, if there are any issues then those issues travel up the chain of command.

Out of character on Kepler, it's a support structure. You the player are supported by your Department Head who is supported by the Command Staff. The Command Staff might set the mission and dish out things for players to work on, but if you need help, want someone to write with, need a hug, or anything at all, then your Department Head and / or the Command Staff are there to make sure you get what you need in order to be a happy and contributing member of Kepler. If you aren't happy, then we aren't happy. Let us know and we'll see what can be done about it.

When are awards handed out?

These will be handed out at the end of every mission.

How long are missions?

We aim for them to run for approximately 2 - 3 months OOC.

Can I nominate someone for an award?

Yes, you can. If you feel that someone is deserving of an award then you can send a PM (through the forum) to Brian (he writes for the character John Reynolds) as he is the Lord of Awards. Tell him who you are nominating and what for. List of awards and information regarding them can be found here: Awards

At the end of every mission we also put up a poll for Players' Choice, which everyone on board has the opportunity to anonymously make up to three votes for.

I have a problem with so and so, what do I do?

If you are unable to resolve the problem between you then please either approach your Department Head or the Command Staff. If it happens to be the Commanding Officer that you are having issues with, please bring it to their attention and we'll see what our options are and work through them together.

Can I have a PNPC?

Yes, you can have up to two (unless you're very special and prove you can handle more). Guidelines on how to apply for a PNPC can be found here: PNPC Creation Guidelines

Can I harm/kill another player's character?

Not unless you have the permission of that character's player or the Commanding Officer. Maybe you could do a joint post with the player, sometimes it's much more fun to injure each other this way :D

Please remember though that what your character does will have consequences and some of these can result in injury or death, so don't point a phaser at your character's head and pull the trigger!

I've got nothing to do...

First look at the plot, is there anything your character should be reacting to? Power outages, the station is being fired upon, your superior has issued orders. If not and you've exhausted your imagination on how to get involved in a mission or subplots, then please contact your Department Head or the Command Staff for some ideas. Sometimes all it takes is a Joint Post or to stick your hand up, to get yourself back into the game.

How do I take a leave of absence or resign from Kepler?

For leaves of absence please post this in the Coming's and Goings area and include an anticipated return date. If it will be a particularly long leave then please contact the CO. This is very important as it helps us to plan around your absence. For resignations, contact the CO directly.

Kepler has an 18+ rating, does this mean I can write sex?

The short answer is, yes. The long answer is this. More than just sex happens to our characters as they go about their day to day activities on and off Kepler. So when they do get around to getting laid it should be a special event (that doesn't always mean candles and romantic motifs), used to help define your character's current relationship status, to mark an event or for character development. Essentially there needs to be a reason for it, especially if you want to go into detail. If you do go into detail please remember we are not here to write porn. Erotica, yes. Porn, no.

Please do not get overly descriptive or too heavy on the euphemisms. It's called a penis and not a throbbing turgid meant to spear her secret spot, again and again until either of them gush exquisite rivers of silky moistness o.O My personal preference is to not go into detail about penetration, but I'll leave that up to you guys. I do ask that if your post contains anything of a sexual nature that you mention this, in bold, at the very beginning of your post. Not everyone wants to read about your character knocking boots with that chick in engineering, this way they can choose to skip your post.

One more thing. Writing posts that include sex is much more fun when you write it with someone else, avoid using your own (P)NPCs. Simmasturbation should be avoided wherever possible.

The preference here is that this happens in your character's (preferably both characters') off duty time. The same goes for romance posts, however feel free to include romantic feelings in your duty posts especially if it is what your character might be thinking about while focused on the mission.

What kind of shower will my character have in their quarters?

Everyone will have a sonic shower. The only quarters that house real water showers are those of the CO, XO and the two VIP quarters. This is because Kepler has a limited amount of resources and real water is an additional luxury.

Can I blow Kepler up?

No. Not unless you have permission from the Commanding Officer.

What about a ship?

No way Jose!

A shuttle?

I think you're pushing your luck now, mate.

A planet?

Go stand in the corner.