Filter Metta B'exar

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PO2.pngFilter Metta B'exar

Rank: Petty Officer Second Class
Position: Security Analyst
Player: Sam


Species: Human / Betazoid
Gender: Male
Born: 2359 (27yo)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'10"

Slim build, one scar above right eye, two tattoos on right arm (wrist and shoulder). On surgery scar on left knee.


Generally easygoing, but the part-empath can take things a little personally. Very loyal and dedicated, he loves his friends but also like to spend time alone, preferably in mountains or near water. Listens very well, hard to get him to talk in depth about himself. Can be aggressive if friends are being hurt.

He doesn't eat meat, ignores loud music in general, but enjoys hanging out with friends and having a drink or two while relaxing, preferably outdoors. He is completely open when it comes to relationships, though he has not had more than one or two serious ones.


Only child of one human from Earth and a Betazoid from Io colony. Born in the hill country of Texas, he spent a lot of time wandering, camping, and generally being outdoorsy until forced to study in prep school by his teacher mother. Excelled at science, soccer, and music there, and spent a year and a half traveling prior to acceptance into Starfleet Academy. There, he studied biology of non-Terrans and Starfleet security, spending some time in psychology classes to develop his latent empathic ability. Small for a security officer, he spent extra time taking unarmed combat training and leading inhospitable terrain training expeditions. His interests outside of work (hopefully Security, especially on a ship headed for potential new life forms) include camping, climbing, music (guitar and piano), and trying to learn languages other than Spanish, English, and the occasional Vulcan vulgarity.

The single unfortunate event in his life has been the death of his father, a Starfleet engineer, in a shipboard explosion while Filter was at the Academy. It has given him a slight fear of both the engines of a Starfleet vessel (he hates going to engineering) and excessively loud noise-- even though he did not hear or see his father's death. Filter spent a few months in therapy after losing his father. His mother and grandparents are still alive.

He spent six months on Io. He was one of the large contingent of security for the colony, excelling in talking down people from hurting themselves or others, and learning how to use his pseudo-empathic abilities to read a crowd and people for potential danger. Of course, fitting his character, he spent a great deal of time outdoors, especially with non-Terrans if at all possible. His transfer from that colony was self-initiated-- he wasn't comfortable on the colony his father grew up in.

Dr Francis K Hauglund happily took Fil on for some Starfleet-approved advanced training. his former student spent almost equal amount of time in studying psychology of newer first contacts peoples, learning in greater depth how to take advantage of his abilities, and how to combine psychology and security detail-work. In particular, Fil and Dr Hauglund spent two months in summer traveling to nearby colonies (near Jupiter and the Van Allen Belt) teaching Fil how to analyze security risks, assess danger possibilities, especially in multi-species/multi-race environments. The goal was to train Fil to be able to blend, assess, and act quickly in situations with extremely varied populations and, if needed, to do psychops work as a short-term agent provocateur.