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<p>[[image:Commodore.png‎]]'''[[Gregory Blake|Commodore Gregory Blake]]''' | Relieved Commanding Officer</p>
<p>[[image:Commodore.png‎]]'''[[Gregory Blake|Commodore Gregory Blake]]''' | Former Commanding Officer</p>
<p>[[image:Ensign.png]]'''[[Jack Rikter|Ensign Jack Rikter]]''' | Engineer</p>
<p>[[image:Ensign.png]]'''[[Jack Rikter|Ensign Jack Rikter]]''' | Engineer</p>
<p>[[image:Blank.png‎]]'''[[Jad Raynar]]''' | Suspended Officer</p>
<p>[[image:Blank.png‎]]'''[[Jad Raynar]]''' | Suspended Officer</p>
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=Former PNPCs=
=Former PNPCs=
<p>[[image:Commander.png]]'''[[Cole Lockwood|Commander Cole Lockwood]] (PNPC)''' | Acting Commanding Officer</p>
<p>[[image:Blank.png‎]]'''[[Eva Blake]] (PNPC)''' | [[Gregory Blake]]'s Sister</p>
<p>[[image:Commander.png]]'''[[Cole Lockwood|Commander Cole Lockwood]] (PNPC)''' | Former Acting Commanding Officer</p>
<p>[[image:PO2.png]]'''[[T'Raia|Petty Officer 2nd Class T'Raia]] (PNPC)''' | Engineer</p>
<p>[[image:PO2.png]]'''[[T'Raia|Petty Officer 2nd Class T'Raia]] (PNPC)''' | Engineer</p>
<p>[[image:Blank.png]]'''[[Doctor Fenella Zuribel]] (PNPC)''' | Botanist</p>
<p>[[image:Blank.png]]'''[[Doctor Fenella Zuribel]] (PNPC)''' | Botanist</p>

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Former Crew

These are the former crew of Kepler Station.

Commodore.pngCommodore Gregory Blake | Former Commanding Officer

Ensign.pngEnsign Jack Rikter | Engineer

Blank.pngJad Raynar | Suspended Officer

Lieutenant-JG.pngLieutenant JG Vidarr | Counselor

Lieutenant.pngLieutenant Kathanara Hough | Acting Chief Science Officer

PO3.pngPetty Officer 3rd Class #FFFF00 | Engineer

Cadet4.png4th Year Cadet Arenda-Britannia Croft | Science Cadet

Blank.pngKennedy Monroe | Assistant Chief Medical Officer / Civilian Doctor / Counselor

Cadet4.png4th Year Cadet Arnav Ziya | Medical Cadet

Ensign.pngEnsign Maxine Gaius | Astrophysicist

PO3.pngPetty Officer 3rd Class #0000FF | Science Technician

Blank.pngVitore Ditondo | Wine Merchant and Representative of Turnbull Shipping

Rear-Admiral.pngRear Admiral Elizabeth Bassenthwaite | Task Force 47 Commanding Officer

WO2.pngStaff Warrant Officer Roman Stringfellow Ditondo | Assistant Security / Tactical Officer

Blank.pngRautha L'mir | Treehouse Lounge Owner

Blank.pngStephen Huddle | Civilian

CPO.pngChief Petty Officer Catherine Sawyer | Computer / Systems Engineering Specialist

Lieutenant-JG.pngLieutenant JG Talva Ren | Chief Engineer

Ensign.pngEnsign Aaron Ingles | Acting Chief Science Officer / Archaeologist

PO2.pngPetty Officer 2nd Class Dianna Fabray | Flight Controller / Pilot

PO1.pngPetty Officer 1st Class Venice Marlowe Florian Cade | Assistant Chief Engineer

Ensign.pngEnsign Noah Fichera | Assistant Chief Operations

Blank.pngZoey Thomas, RPA-C, LPC | Counselor

PO2.pngPetty Officer 2nd Class Filter Metta B'exar | Security Analyst

Ensign.pngEnsign Zachariah Ra-Nevron, PhD | Assistant Chief Science Officer

PO2.pngPetty Officer 2nd Class Ayel Hayle | Assistant Security

Blank.pngDoctor Tisran Joost | Xenobiologist

Lieutenant-JG.pngLieutenant JG Ben Tremaine | Chief Security / Tactical Officer

Ensign.pngEnsign Julia Holzwarth | Science Officer

Lieutenant-JG.pngLieutenant JG Samuel Collier | Chief Medical Officer

Ensign.pngMakani ‘Mike’ Freitas | Assistant Chief Science Officer

First-Lieutenant.pngFirst Lieutenant Svetlana Ivanova | Acting Marine Commanding Officer

Blank.pngVan Thurmond | Bartender / Manager Treehouse Lounge

Lieutenant.pngLieutenant Michael Harris | Chief Medical Officer

Ensign.pngEnsign Sean Ecthillias | Assistant Chief Tactical Officer

PO1.pngPetty Officer 1st Class Jack Fletcher | Security Crewman

Blank.pngMadeline Cunningham | History Researcher

Blank.pngK`rillim Nsslano | Temporal Investigator & Scientist

Second-Lieutenant.pngSecond Lieutenant Emileen Carlisle | Marine Fighter Pilot

Marine-Captain.pngCaptain Justin Shard | Marine Commanding Officer

Lieutenant.pngLieutenant David Roberts | Chief Security / Tactical Officer

CPO.pngChief Petty Officer Catalina Jayce | Intelligence Chief

Ensign.pngEnsign Raoden Imenand | Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Blank.pngVera Ataz | Treehouse Lounge Manager

Blank.pngGerda Zsu Vanger | Civilian Nurse

Lieutenant-Commander.pngLieutenant Commander Pr'ithitan Ch'gra'thaniy | Executive Officer

Lieutenant-Commander.pngLieutenant Commander Else Reisman | Chief Science Officer

PO3.pngPetty Officer 3rd Class Aranai McCeachran | Yeoman

Blank.pngAmbassador Tedran Sagin | Federation Ambassador

Commander.pngCommander Deacon Caine | Executive Officer

Lieutenant-Commander.pngLieutenant Commander Benjamin Fuller | Chief Operations Officer

CPO.pngChief Petty Officer Barin Tirad | Assistant Chief Engineer

Former PNPCs

Blank.pngEva Blake (PNPC) | Gregory Blake's Sister

Commander.pngCommander Cole Lockwood (PNPC) | Former Acting Commanding Officer

PO2.pngPetty Officer 2nd Class T'Raia (PNPC) | Engineer

Blank.pngDoctor Fenella Zuribel (PNPC) | Botanist

Cadet4.png4th Year Cadet Hana Gable (PNPC) | Security Cadet

CPO.pngChief Petty Officer Alexander Winters (PNPC) | Acting Chief of Engineering / Operations

Blank.pngPili Freitas-Drune (PNPC) | Makani ‘Mike’ Freitas's Son

Second-Lieutenant.pngSecond Lieutenant Natasha Wellington (PNPC) | Marine Fighter Pilot

Blank.pngOlivia Thomas (PNPC) | Zoey Thomas' Sister

PO2.pngPetty Officer 2nd Class David Brodie (PNPC) | Engineering Crewman

CPO.pngChief Petty Officer Xander Richard Price (PNPC) | Stellar Cartographer

PO2.pngPetty Officer 2nd Class Vincenzo Labolida (PNPC) | Helmsman / Shuttle Pilot

PO2.pngPetty Officer 2nd Class Vanessa Craig (PNPC) | Security Officer

Blank.pngJon'a Despard (PNPC) | Archaeologist / Anthropologist

Blank.pngJael Parano (PNPC) | Limbs Hostess, Treehouse Lounge

Blank.pngRobson "Robbie" Dale (PNPC) | Jack-of-all-Trades

PO2.pngPetty Officer 2nd Class Billy "Mac" Vanger (PNPC) | Engineering Crewman

Blank.pngMarissa Despard (PNPC) | Archaeologist

Former Subsim Crew

Blank.pngCaptain Andre Stormgald | Ship's Captain

Blank.pngLing Dessan | Former Civilian Tactical/Political Advisor / Marine

Lieutenant-Commander.pngLieutenant Commander Shirina Walker | Executive Officer