John Reynolds

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Lieutenant.pngJohn Eugene Reynolds

Lieutenant John Reynolds

Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Chief Security / Tactical Officer
Player: Brian


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 30 May 2355
Place of Birth: Harmony Cove Colony - DMZ Federation / Cardassian Border
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'1"

Having spent most of his career in Security and Tactical, as well as his undercover work beforehand, John has kept up a regular exercise and training routine to maintain a good level of physical fitness without becoming too obsessive about it. When out of uniform John has a habit of wearing his favourite leather jacket despite the fact it's rather beaten and worn from years of bar brawls and the likes. John also chooses to ignore shaving at times because he thinks the 5 o'clock shadow makes him look edgier and impresses the ladies.

As well as often being seen in his favourite brown leather jacket, John is never seen without the gold ring with black stones set into it that Lieutenant Sarah Martin gave him when they got engaged.


John's parents were members of a small group that had their fingers in every pie among the colonies. Because of this John grew up unaware of what it was like to struggle for resources, like some of the others living in the DMZ. However life was far from easy for John and his younger sister Samantha.

Where the other colonists could do nothing about his parents, he and Samantha were a different matter; they were picked on by adult and child alike. But as John soon came to expect, his parent's saw him as the catalyst to these problems. Samantha was fortunate enough to avoid this type of atmosphere until about the age of five or six, when she started interacting with the local children. Then of course, John made it clear he would take on anyone who even thought of turning their anger towards her. It wasn’t long before Samantha was the only one to see her brother for the good person he was.

Despite their distant nature, Anthony and Catherine Reynolds tried to provide their children with every luxury their wheeling and dealing could produce. In their own way the pair did love John and Samantha, however they never really understood what life was like for them. Thankfully though, they always had each other. John may have been ten years older but Samantha was highly intelligent and understood far more than she let on, even to her brother.

Shortly after turning eighteen, war broke out against the Dominion. Given the things John had to face on a daily basis in the colonies, it might be surprising to know he was conflicted about leaving to join Starfleet; doing so would mean leaving Samantha alone with two distant parents and people who hated the name Reynolds.

However Samantha wanted more for her brother; she knew he didn’t stand a chance of amounting to anything in the DMZ. So semi-reluctantly he left for Earth; his desire to leave the miseries of the colony behind and to help the Federation in any small way winning out. While nowhere near as bad as home, even Academy life turned bad soon enough. His teachers considered him to have problems with authority that stopped him from reaching his potential. This led to mediocre test scores and a danger of failing all together. With nowhere to go John was desperate to find a way of making things work.

The Maquis

That's when he met a man from Starfleet Intelligence who changed everything; Commander William Hart hoped to use John to infiltrate the Maquis, who were known to have connections to the demilitarized zone. Like an untold number of other Starfleet operatives, John would be placed inside the Maquis to both report on their movements and perhaps even sabotage their efforts to disrupt the agreement between the Cardassian government and the Federation. This meant that as far as the public were concerned, John had failed and had been released from the Academy. However, he was placed in an accelerated training program for a few months before being introduced to known Maquis agents and left relatively to his own devices until needed.

John in the Maquis

This inevitably led John to some Maquis agents operating on and around Bajor, commanded by Jespen Torel; a former Bajoran resistance member. The group were dividing their attention between the Bajoran people and the Maquis’ main objectives. Here, among supposed criminals and vigilantes, John found the sense of home he had only known with his sister. Unfortunately after about a year undercover, John was captured by Cardassian forces when they raided the Maquis vessel he was working on. Unbeknown to John, it was his information that had led the Cardassian patrols to them; part of an agreement with the Federation. At the time Starfleet couldn't reveal the existence of an undercover agent, leaving John in the hands of Cardassians who believed him to be yet another Maquis rebel. Tortured for information his captors believed he and the others possessed, John was eventually taken to a labour camp on Lazon II where he spent a number of gruelling months. Perhaps the worst of all he was forced to endure was the death of Jespen Torel during a failed escape attempt by other slaves. Finally, Starfleet arranged for a covert team to extract John under the guise of liberating as many Maquis and Bajoran prisoners as possible.

Upon returning to Starfleet John was offered a position in Tactical and what he considered to be nothing more than a bribe to keep quiet. He declined, deciding he had lost whatever admiration he once had for Starfleet and the Federation as a whole. Instead he returned to the colony, only to find everything had changed; his father had been killed, by whom was unknown, and his mother and sister were living in relative squalor. The whole balance of power among the colonies had shifted in the year or so he had been away and the so called committee his parents had belonged to were now just regular colonists.

His time back in the colony was short lived however when he came clean to his mother and Samantha about what he had been doing for Starfleet. Branding him a traitor, Catherine threw him out and forbade him from seeing his sister. John took losing both his sister (contact with her) and the friends he had made among the Marquis pretty hard and spent the next few months drifting around; spending almost all his time in bars or on dodgy transport vessels. Despite this low point in his life, he always made sure he contacted Samantha as often as possible, and that she had enough latinum to take care of herself.

In mid 2375 John was beginning to run out of steam; he was no longer content to just drift around having meaningless relationships, romantic or otherwise, with people he came across between bars. He refers to this as his 'space hobo' period and ended it when he contacted Starfleet and, after some wrangling and negotiation, took their previous offer of a position in Tactical. Given the pressure put on them during the closing years of the war someone with John's knowledge of Cardassian tactics was worth granting him a 'dead end' position with no chance of promotion. Although John knew it would be a tough job proving himself he put himself whole-heartedly into his new role.

U.S.S. Archimedes

After being transferred to various positions throughout Starfleet, John found himself assigned to the role of Assistant Chief Security Officer aboard a small Nova-Class vessel in early 2384. Although the idea of serving on a science vessel didn't exactly appeal to him, he soon found a home among the motley crew the the Archimedes. Despite being assigned what should have been mundane science missions, the Nova-Class vessel seemed to attract a lot of trouble which kept John and his colleagues constantly on their toes.

U.S.S. Archimedes, NCC-83550

During his second year on the Archimedes, John met Apres Lana and everything changed. The fiery red-headed Bajoran was a difficult nut to crack but after months of getting to know one another, and developing a deep friendship, they became romantically involved.

They even stockpiled their leave and planned a romantic trip to Risa, however when the Cardassian labour camp guard responsible for her father's death was put on trial back on Bajor, John offered to accompany Lana. Having confessed to his time undercover in the Maquis, and finding Lana's forgiveness to be something of a cathartic experience, the pair returned to Archimedes with a much deeper bond.

Unfortunately it wasn't too long before Lana began to feel unhappy with her situation on Archimedes; she was itching to progress further in her career than the science vessel would allow. When a position on the U.S.S. Endeavour became available, she decided to take it.

Bring unable to choose his own career path as a result of the agreement with Commander Hart meant that John was forced to watch Lana go without him. The loss of the first woman he had ever loved was devastating and left him slipping into a number of old habits. Months passed before he was able to reconcile his feelings over the break up and it wouldn't be until they met again over a year later that John could finally put that period of his life to rest. A brief fling with Archimedes' temporary Executive Officer, Lieutenant Commander Bella Axton, finally managed to help him see a future without Lana.

Even with all the challenges the crew of Archimedes had endured over nearly two years (like alien brain switching necklaces and killer holograms), nothing could have prepare them for what would become their final mission together. In late 2385 they stumbled upon a covert group creating bio-engineered children with telepathic abilities and training them to be living weapons; able to kill with less effort than raising a phaser. It was during this time that John first met Lieutenant Sarah Martin, the Archimedes' Assistant Chief Medical Officer. John had been assigned to an away mission with Sarah's boyfriend, Lieutenant Hadion Fare. The Operations officer got separated from John on the way back to the rendezvous point and was captured before he was able to return to Archimedes. Blaming himself for Hadion's capture John felt even worse when the man sacrificed himself to allow them to escape, along with four dozen of the engineered children.

Through some outdated, and misguided, sense of chivalry John felt a compelling need to make up for his failure to Sarah which lead to a number of conflicts and misunderstandings between them that continued into their future assignment.

Hot on the trail of the group responsible for the atrocities faced by these children, the Archimedes crew discovered a facility on an uninhabited world. While the vessel engaged those scientists attempting to escape via ship, Lt. Commander Axton led John and a team of Security personnel to the surface. The facility had been abandoned and automated defences kept them busy until word from above told them of the destruction of his home. Although most of the crew survived, they were all assigned elsewhere rather than being assigned a new ship. Left with few options, John contemplated returning to life at Harmony Cove Colony. A surprise manoeuvre by his CO however, allowed him to break free from the terms of the agreement he had made with Starfleet Intelligence, and move forward with his career.

Kepler Station

That selfless act from a man John had barely been able to tolerate made him re-evaluate his life. Now that he actually had a future, could he finally escape his past? Perhaps not all of his past, as he was soon to discover. Newly arrived in the Alpha Quadrant, Kepler Station was in drastic need of personnel when the U.S.S. Hippocrates, where John had been assigned a month prior, was in the area. Along with a significant portion of the medical vessel's crew, he soon found himself reassigned to the station and face to face with on old acquaintance; Doctor Sarah Martin.

When they then found themselves serving together on Kepler, having been unaware of the other's presence on Hippocrates due to it's size, it was safe to say it made for a tense working environment. For her part Sarah did well not to eject John out the nearest airlock after such instances as accidentally implying she was sleeping with the CO (KS6: Herschel's Kisses). But it soon began to dawn on John that he wasn't looking out for the doctor because of his misguided sense of duty. He had started to develop feelings for the kind, caring, beautiful woman he had gotten to know. Things took a somewhat giant leap forward for the pair when exposure to Polywater lead to a romantic interlude that made John's feelings towards her crystal clear (KS7: Maynard's Fright). After serving on Kepler for a few months John once again found himself dealing with a whole new situation when Kepler Station was transported all the way to the Alpha Quadrant, to an area known as The Expanse. This relatively unexplored region of space placed them right between at least four powerful territories and left them as the only real Federation presence within thirty light years (KS10.1: Honey, I'm Holm!).

Lieutenant Sarah Martin

Barely a week into this new situation John was given command of a training mission aboard the USS Harbinger that proved to be rather disastrous for him personally. The ship found itself caught inside a cloaked satellite network and while they were attempting to deal with the issue a distress call lured John and one of Kepler's medical staff, Cassiopeia Yale, down to a Planetoid at the centre of the satellite network. On the Planetoid the pair were attacked by a Romulan madman named tr'Rot, and his deranged girlfriend Layla, and the savage beating left John struggling for survival. Although he was kept alive by Cassiopeia and remained stable during the trip back to Kepler, they were unable to save his right eye (KS11.2: The Donkey's Brahe).

Accompanied by Sarah to a Starfleet Medical Facility, John was fitted with a specially designed prosthetic eye and underwent a lengthy process of rehabilitation. The pair remained at the facility for a few weeks, their relationship deepening, before John returned to active service on Kepler Station. Soon after Sarah's return a slightly rocky few days helped to show them both what was really important and the pair made the decision to move in together (KS14.1: A Tiny Oversight).

Following fairly quickly on the heels of his return to active duty was the rather unexpected outbreak of a telepathic contagion which allowed an alien cephalopod to actively control a large portion of the station's population, including John. Passed from person to person for a number of days, the outbreak went unnoticed, aside from cases of sleepwalking and allergic reactions in some people, until the alien attempted a hostile takeover of the station (KS15: The Cabinet of Doctor Cuvier). As the residents of the station attempted to return to their normal lives, John was assigned to a team of scientists sent out to investigate unusual readings detected in the Xami Nebula cluster. Once there they discovered a newly created tear in the dimensional barrier between their timeline and an almost identical one. John was confronted by a version of himself going by the name Major Eugene Reynolds, who lead a team of scientists from one of the many groups that had filled the void left twenty years earlier when Starfleet had dissolved.

The doppelgänger beamed through the rift from the parallel universe, along with Second Lieutenant Ethel Scott, and they began the arduous process of examining the spatial anomaly and devising a method for sealing the gap between the two dimensions once again. It was revealed that a non-corporeal entity was responsible for the rift and had been causing a variety of bizarre phenomena in the other reality. Although there were similarities between John and Eugene the pair soon discovered that their mutual histories differed in numerous ways; from growing up in different places to not having met many of the same influential people. One thing they did share however was their sense of responsibility which made it all the more difficult when a catastrophic failure in the Transporters resulted in Eugene and Ethel being trapped on this side of the rift (KS 17: Rosen To The Occasion).

Returning to the station, John didn't have any time to dwell on his mistakes; Sarah had just discovered that her mother had been put into stasis after a microbial outbreak on the U.S.S. Surak, which had already cost forty people their lives. Finding himself unable to leave for Denobula with her, as much as he wanted to, John only agreed to remain on Kepler after Sarah proposed and promised to come back for him (KS 16: Maxwell's Dozen).

Life only got more confusing for John when the non-corporeal entity from the alternate reality made its presence around Kepler known in a rather obvious manner; reducing one third of the station's population to childhood. John awoke, like so many others, with no memories of his life beyond his new current age. After nearly a week of failed attempts the scientists were forced to enlist Lieutenant Maya Takagi's mental abilities and communicate directly with the entity. It was convinced to restore those it had altered to normal and so sixteen year-old John was faced with an unusual decision; remain the way he was in a time ahead of his own or return to an adulthood that he had no memory of living. Despite his trepidations over leaving his sister alone and essentially losing his future, John made the decision to embrace the man he was supposed to be and was restored to normal. This also had the unexpected effect of restoring the eye he had lost months before (KS 18: Faradays Gone By). The next day John was one of a few who found themselves witnessing brief, and sometimes confusing echoes of possible futures. Some of these visions showed his and Sarah's daughters, Samantha and Andrea, while others showed darker paths such as his life falling apart upon realising that Sarah has been killed selflessly saving the life of a colleague (KS 18.1: Faradays Yet To Come).

Following her return to the station, Sarah and John got married at an intimate service on the 10th of June, 2387. Captain Nikolas G. Bakyr officiated the event which had John's sister Samantha, her son 'Little John', as well as Sarah's brother Zach and a few of their friends in attendance (KS 22: Lewis' Bond).


Spouse: Sarah Martin-Reynolds
Father: Anthony Eugene Reynolds (Deceased)
Mother: Catherine Ann Reynolds, Née Turner (Deceased)
Sister: Samantha Marie Luthor
Other: David Luthor (Brother-In-Law), John Anthony Luthor (Nephew), Eugene Reynolds (Doppelgänger), Theodore Eugene Reynolds (Grandfather, Deceased)


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