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Kepler Station (SB-909-II)

(For previous history, please see Kepler Station)

Dedication Plague, 12 August 2387

Station History


Following months of effort on the part of the Expanse Oversight Advisory Engineering Representative, and a number of advocates amongst the higher ranks of Starfleet keen to see the Expanse managed more efficiently, the decision was finally made to commission the rapid construction of a new Midway-class station to replace the severely dilapidated former station.

In order to expedite the construction process, teams from the Corps of Engineers pre-built many of the modular segments which make up the station and then had them transported to Sector 1757 where they could be assembled.

With major construction almost complete, and the new station habitable, an official dedication was held to coincide with Federation Day celebrations. The decommissioning of the Regula-class station was as yet undecided, however, since the transition to the new one would take some time. Although Engineering and Operations teams were yet to finish some areas, many of the crew and residents had begun transferring over from the Regula-class station following the dedication and were settling into The Plaza, an open plan residential and commercial space designed to make this new station a more comfortable environment than what had been before (KS23: Take It or Leavitt).

In Service

U.S.S. Clara Zetkin approaching the new Kepler Station
Operating with little more than a skeleton crew as they perform final systems diagnostics, Second Officer Lieutenant John Reynolds is manning the new Command Centre when a distress call comes in from the Prison Transport Menkali.

DaiMon Sebo, the vessel's Ferengi captain and proprietor, informs them of his narrow escape after a skirmish with the Breen and requests their aid in dealing with a catastrophic failure in the Menkali's life support systems. Being too far from his own people, the DaiMon is desperate to avoid a serious fall in his profit margin should his prisoners perish as a result of the damage.

Dispatching the U.S.S. Tokyo to tractor the Ferengi vessel the remaining distance to Kepler Station, a small team of engineers and scientists beamed over to perform much needed temporary repairs to life support en route.

Everything seemed to run smoothly at first, until the second team sent over from Kepler discovered that the Ferengi vessel had been overrun by escaped prisoners. Although the prisoners consisted of individuals from various species and nationalities from around the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, they were all following a single Nahikoan by the name of Jas Colcor. Colcor contacted Captain Nikolas G. Bakyr and offered to release the hostages in exchange for agreeing to their demands, which included a Runabout for them to make their escape in. This plan hit a slight snag though when Colcor's enforcer Eseehr struck Lieutenant Kesari Lor with a devastating stab wound and left her for dead, stalling negotiations.

When negotiations finally resumed, after Colcor released Kesari to receive medical treatment, the captain agreed to his terms and provided the prisoners with a Runabout. Nikolas's original intention had been to render the Runabout inert with the station's Teslacite Carronades, but when the prototype weapons failed it seemed like the prisoners would escape scot-free. Fortunately the Chief Engineer of the U.S.S. Tokyo, Lieutenant Fernando Smith, had subsequently taken out his personal frustrations on the prisoners by sabotaging the drive systems. When the prisoners attempted to jump to warp they discovered the vessel was unable to establish a stable warp field, allowing them to be taken into custody once more (KS23: Take It or Leavitt).

Command Staff

Commanding Officer:

Executive Officer:

Second Officer:

Assigned Craft



  • 69 | Type 7
  • von Braun | Type 9
  • Kolbe | Type 11
  • Laue | Type 11


  • U.S.S. Clara Zetkin | Danube-Class
  • U.S.S. Heinrich Mann | Danube-Class
  • U.S.S. Karl Benz | Danube-Class