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=Special Guest Stars=
=Special Guest Stars=
<p>[[image:Blank.png‎]]'''[[Eva Blake]] (PNPC)''' | [[Gregory Blake]]'s Sister (not currently on board)</p>
<p>[[image:Lieutenant.png]]'''[[Apres Lana|Lieutenant Apres Lana]] (PNPC)''' | COO & 2XO, USS Endeavour</p>
<p>[[image:Lieutenant.png]]'''[[Apres Lana|Lieutenant Apres Lana]] (PNPC)''' | COO & 2XO, USS Endeavour</p>

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Open Positions:

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Engineering / Ops:

Security / Tactical:



Kepler's Manifest

Bio Maintenance

Let's face it, stuff is gonna happen to your character while you're on this sim. From illness to pregnancy; death or divorce; promotions and demotions, and everything in between. All of this should be recorded in your bio here, so remember to update it often. Remember to keep a backup copy somewhere, just in case!

Important: There are only a limited number officer positions assigned to Kepler Station. These are reserved for most Department Heads and some Assistant positions.

PNPC Creation Rules / (See also Former Crew)


Captain.pngCaptain Nikolas G. Bakyr (PNPC) | Commanding Officer

Lieutenant-Commander.pngLieutenant Commander Isis Rae | Executive Officer

Flight Control

Cadet4.png4th Year Cadet Bianca Shallen (PNPC) | Flight Control Cadet

Engineering / Operations

Lieutenant.pngLieutenant Bradley Halifax | Chief Engineer

Cadet3.png3rd Year Cadet Kaspar Szarecki (PNPC) | Engineering Cadet

Security / Tactical

Lieutenant.pngLieutenant John Reynolds | Chief Security / Tactical Officer

PO1.pngPetty Officer 1st Class Dex Maidali | Acting Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Cadet3.png3rd Year Cadet Rexus Spokar | Tactical Cadet

PO2.pngPetty Officer 2nd Class Nilari Shendehor (PNPC) | Security


Ensign.pngEnsign Hideyoshi Shimura | Social Scientist / Acting Assistant Chief Science Officer

PO2.pngPetty Officer 2nd Class Phillip Sheridan | Linguist / Anthropologist

Cadet4.png4th Year Cadet Phoebe Paean (PNPC) | Science Cadet


Lieutenant.pngLieutenant Sarah Martin | Chief Medical Officer

PO3.pngPetty Officer 3rd Class Halley Grayson | Medic

Blank.pngCassiopeia Regan Yale (PNPC) | Civilian Pediatrician

Cadet3.png3rd Year Cadet Zach Eastman (PNPC) | Medical Cadet


CPO.pngChief Petty Officer Thomas Stuarde | Intelligence Chief


Blank.pngBridget Shannon (PNPC) | Owner, Treehouse Lounge

Blank.pngViolet Matthews (PNPC) | Waitress, Treehouse Lounge

Blank.pngS’lithik Grathis (PNPC) | Trader, Merchant

Blank.pngShivani Vilina (also "Bruiser" and "Doc Joe") (PNPC) | Dalliance Crew members

Blank.pngMiles Santori (PNPC) | "Crazy Ei8hts" Lounge Owner & Main Bartender

Special Guest Stars

Lieutenant.pngLieutenant Apres Lana (PNPC) | COO & 2XO, USS Endeavour

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