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Bio Maintenance

Let's face it, stuff is gonna happen to your character while you're on this sim. From illness to pregnancy; death or divorce; promotions and demotions, and everything in between. All of this should be recorded in your bio here, so remember to update it often. Remember to keep a backup copy somewhere, just in case!

Important: There are only a limited number officer positions assigned to Kepler Station. These are reserved for most Department Heads and some Assistant positions.

PNPC Creation Rules / (See also Former Crew)


Captain.pngCaptain Nikolas G. Bakyr (PNPC) | Commanding Officer

Commander.pngCommander Isis Rae | Executive Officer

Crewman2.pngCrewman Tobias Smythe (NPC) | Yeoman

Cadet3.png4th Year Cadet Rory Kiriakis (PNPC) | Command Cadet

Flight Control

Blank.pngChief Flight Control Officer

Ensign.pngEnsign Andrew Jefferson (PNPC) | Flight Control Officer

PO2.pngPetty Officer 2nd Class Alok Huak-Cal (NPC) | Flight Control

Engineering / Operations

PO2.pngPetty Officer 2nd Class Ranor-Guja (NPC) | Communications Specialist

PO3.pngPetty Officer 3rd Class Charlotte Wilson (PNPC) | Transport Specialist

PO3.pngPetty Officer 3rd Class Wamker (NPC) | Engineer's Mate

Cadet4.png4th Year Cadet Rexus Spokar | Operations Cadet

Crewman1.pngCrewman Sven Stevenson (NPC) | Transport Operator

Blank.pngVyrs (PNPC) | Sanitation Engineer Extraordinare

Security / Tactical

Lieutenant.pngLieutenant John Reynolds | 2XO & Chief Security / Tactical Officer

Lieutenant-JG.pngLieutenant JG Riley Keegan | Assistant Chief Security Officer

Ensign.pngEnsign Lestru Shule (NPC) | Security / Tactical

Ensign.pngEnsign Fleneel (NPC) | Security / Tactical

Ensign.pngEnsign Sillin Cu Neb (NPC) | Security / Tactical

PO2.pngPetty Officer 2nd Class Nilari Roessler (PNPC) | Master At Arms

PO2.pngPetty Officer 2nd Class Bathandwa Msuthu (NPC) | Security / Tactical

PO2.pngPetty Officer 2nd Class Derek Sullivan (NPC) | Security / Tactical

PO2.pngPetty Officer 2nd Class Brenda Martinez (NPC) | Security / Tactical

PO3.pngPetty Officer 3rd Class Kirsten Santos (PNPC) | Security

PO3.pngPetty Officer 3rd Class Patakin Singh (NPC) | Security / Tactical

PO3.pngPetty Officer 3rd Class Myeong-Ha Kim (NPC) | Security / Tactical

PO3.pngPetty Officer 3rd Class Bradley MacKinnon (NPC) |Tactical

PO3.pngPetty Officer 3rd Class Li Zhōu (NPC) | Security / Tactical


Blank.pngAndrea Jane Carter | Chief Science Officer

Lieutenant-JG.pngLieutenant JG Kesari Lor | Assistant Chief Science Officer

Ensign.pngEnsign Merax (NPC) | Science

Ensign.pngEnsign Ethan Scott (PNPC) | Social Science / Stellar Cartography

PO1.pngSorel (NPC) | Biologist

PO2.pngPetty Officer 2nd Class Phillip Sheridan | Linguist / Anthropologist

PO2.pngPetty Officer 2nd Class Shoop Qar-Om (NPC) | Historian

Cadet3.png4th Year Cadet Sivran Geist (PNPC) | Science Cadet/Lab Tech


Blank.pngChief Medical Officer

Lieutenant-JG.pngLieutenant JG Cassiopeia Yale (PNPC) | Assistant Chief Medical Officer / Pediatrician

Lieutenant-JG.pngLieutenant JG Hideyoshi Shimura | Counselor

Lieutenant-JG.pngLieutenant JG Genesis Luna | Counselor

Blank.pngAlana Tann | Counselor

Ensign.pngEnsign Justin Colbert (NPC) | Nurse

Cadet3.png4th Year Cadet Zach Eastman (PNPC) | Medical Cadet

Blank.pngViolet Matthews (PNPC) | Personal Assistant



Blank.pngMiles Santori (PNPC) | "Crazy Ei8hts" Lounge Owner & Main Bartender

Blank.pngT'Vei | Security, Crazy Ei8hts

Blank.pngQuequao (PNPC) | Owner, The Targ Pit

Blank.pngSerisse (PNPC) | Hostess, The Targ Pit

Blank.pngDupal (PNPC) | Proprietress, Dupal Holdings

Blank.pngSheela (PNPC) | Chief Financial Officer, Dupal Holdings

Blank.pngMukesh (PNPC) | Head of Operations, Dupal Holdings

Blank.pngKittiana Novus (PNPC) | Manager, Emporium

Blank.pngDoro (PNPC) | Employee, Emporium

Blank.pngAyam Whatt (PNPC) | Wandering Artist / Visitor

Blank.pngRaal Uppee (NPC) | Owner, The Muffin Man

Blank.pngKyle Stewart (PNPC) | Owner, Music Moon

I.T.A. Dacoit

Blank.pngMaxwell "Bruiser" Roessler (PNPC) | Captain, ITA Dacoit

Blank.pngShivani Vilina (PNPC) | Engineer, ITA Dacoit

Blank.pngSchass (PNPC) | Crewman, ITA Dacoit

Blank.pngS'Terrh N'Vek (PNPC) | Crewman, ITA Dacoit

Blank.pngMota Ekira (PNPC) | Medic, ITA Dacoit

Blank.pngTais Ysere (PNPC) | Cook, ITA Dacoit


Blank.pngHolly O'Malley (PNPC) | Holograph

Blank.pngSorok (PNPC) | Former Starfleet Officer

Blank.pngEugene Reynolds (PNPC) | Civilian Private Security

Blank.pngLotus Cobalt | Genesis' Daughter

Blank.pngD’Renn Lupodek (PNPC) | Captain, ITA Waverider-II

Blank.pngT’Nep Okell (PNPC) | Crewman, ITA Waverider-II

Blank.pngM'Riia (NPC) | Child Care Specialist

Special Guest Stars

Rear-Admiral.pngRear Admiral Jeremiah Holden (PNPC) | Task Force 92 Commanding Officer

Captain.pngCaptain T'Sai (PNPC) | Commanding Officer, USS Christopher Pike

U.S.S. Endeavour-A

Captain.pngCaptain Telahrehaa Ch'Raazne (PNPC) | Commanding Officer

CPO.pngChief Petty Officer Harrison Matthews (PNPC) | Assistant Chief Security Officer

Lieutenant-Commander.pngDoctor Radek (PNPC) | Chief Medical Officer

Cadet4.png4th Year Cadet Aayn (PNPC) | Engineering Cadet

Cadet3.png3rd Year Cadet Lera Shule (PNPC) | Security Cadet

Cadet3.png3rd Year Cadet Ronan Tann (PNPC) | Security Cadet

Cadet3.png3rd Year Cadet Ortallenth zh'Rothria (PNPC) | Science Cadet

U.S.S. Tokyo-B

Lieutenant.pngLieutenant Alex McDonald (PNPC) | Chief Science Officer

Lieutenant.pngLieutenant Fernando Smith (PNPC) | Chief Engineer

Crewman3.pngCrewman Recruit Ashley Jenkins (NPC) | Engineer's Mate

Blank.png'Niscar' (PNPC) | EMH mark XII

Janus Outpost

Ensign.pngEnsign Phoebe Paean (PNPC) | Environmental Officer, Janus Outpost

Blank.pngS'pa'kal Hamilton (PNPC) | Computer Specialist, Janus Outpost

Oratti Delegation

Blank.pngSaba (PNPC) | Diplomatic Representative

Blank.pngNuii (PNPC) | Saba's Daughter

Blank.pngKage (PNPC) | Body Guard


Major.pngMajor Eugene Reynolds (PNPC) | Head of Security, Tiberius Station 71

Second-Lieutenant.pngSecond Lieutenant Ethel Scott (PNPC) | Scientist, Tiberius Station 71

Expanse Oversight Advisory

Commander.pngCommander T'Sura (PNPC) | Starfleet Command Representative

Lieutenant-Commander.pngLieutenant Commander Hank McAllister (PNPC) | Starfleet Diplomatic Representative / EOA Chairman

Lieutenant-Commander.pngLieutenant Commander Anthony Franklin (PNPC) | Starfleet Security Representative

Lieutenant.pngLieutenant Maya Takagi | Starfleet Medical Representative

Lieutenant.pngLieutenant Iari Eolical (PNPC) | Starfleet Intelligence Representative

Lieutenant.pngLieutenant Ivan Tillman (PNPC) | Starfleet Science Ops Representative

Ensign.pngEnsign Sha Shan‏ Robertson (PNPC) | Starfleet Engineering Corps Representative

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