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Missions & Shoreleaves

The Commanding Officer will start and end the missions and everyone gets to fill in the bits in between!

Mission 11: The Fibonacci Man

It has been a week since Kepler arrived in its new area of operations and personnel transferred from USS Endeavour. In that time a good amount of repairs have been completed, although the station is still not anywhere near being whole anytime soon. Kepler's denizens however pick up the pieces and continue on with their lives. However, for one particular person their life will expand, five times...

Mission 11 A: The Donkey's Brahe

The cadets are getting underfoot so the Chief Security / Tactical Officer and the Intel Chief take the rugrats out in Harbinger, for a cadet cruise. Taking bets on how many cadets will make it back alive :P

Shoreleave: Honey, I'm Holm!

The crew of Kepler, in the midst of licking their wounds after a terrorist attack, suddenly find themselves transported to the other end of the galaxy. They are found by TF92's flagship and Rear Admiral Jeremiah William Holden immediately transfers over some of his crew to help Kepler rebuild.

Mission 10: Long Walk off a Short Planck

The station is lacking power in some areas, bereft a whole module and is overall in a very sad state. So are its denizens who are left to pick up the pieces after the terrorist attack. Approximately twenty-four hours after it ends the Commodore is relieved from active duty by the XO and CMO due to his injuries and supposed alcoholism. A memorial service is scheduled to be held to remember and farewell those who have perished and then just when things look to be quieting down, the shit hits the fan once more >.<

Side Event: Attack of the Giant Orange Floaty Thing

A careless act sees a temporary rift torn in space and a strange creature escapes into our universe.

Mission 9: Freud's Hostage

A few weeks have passed since the events on Anticulo IV and the sudden appearance of Lieutenant Bradley Halifax. Things have quieted down once more on the station, Hippocrates is currently in the corridor doing some routine stuff while Harbinger is out on escort duty until it is needed for a science excursion. The civilian vessel FMS Mayfair has just arrived at Kepler, bringing with them some new personnel and a few civilians to take up residence with us. Unbeknown to us all, they also deliver something that will bring destruction, danger, torment and terror to us all...

Side Event: Eat, Drink and be Merry

The commanding officers of Task Force 47 join Commodore Gregory Blake for a boys' night out with gambling and drinking. This party is sadly gatecrashed by women including a CO's wife, the Commodore's little sister and Admiral Elizabeth Bassenthwaite.

Mission 8: Tombaugh's Garden

The science colony on Anticulo IV invite Kepler's science nerds down for a meet and greet. They also take a few engineers with them to check up and tune the colonists equipment and fusion reactor, which provides the power for the colony. Meanwhile those on Kepler are ordered to attend Violet's party in the arboretum. It's the perfect opportunity for the stressed crew to unwind and get to know the newer members of the crew in an off duty and peaceful setting...

Shoreleave: Arrival of the Eclipse

Two months after the the events of Maynard's Fright, new crew and civilian contractors arrive on Kepler. Meanwhile life carries on for the Keplerites.

Mission 7: Maynard's Fright

A week after their strange arrival, Kepler receives a distress call from SS Dalliance, a civilian transport ship. They claim to have been attacked by a Starfleet vessel and are in dire need of assistance. The XO saddles up Harbinger and goes to help. Meanwhile those on Kepler warily keep watch on Romulan space, because if there is going to be a threat, then that is where it will come from. Right? Ernh! Wrong!

What the hell is that out the viewport...

Mission 6: Herschel's Kisses

The few remaining crew of Kepler Station settle back into their home, albeit with a new backyard, while they await their fate. In the meantime there is plenty of work to do, fixing systems, securing science experiments and ensuring the health and safety of all. Everyone realises they'll have to pitch in and maybe do jobs they weren't trained for, but so long as everyone is all right and our Romulan neighbours don't get shifty, we should be fine.

Until that is someone bakes some special muffins...

Mission 5: Schrodinger's Station

During the wee hours of the morning, the self destruct sequence suddenly initiates and counts down from five minutes. Pajama clad, half asleep denizens of Kepler Station are forced to abandon their homes with no idea why.

Holy *^#@!

Mission 4: A Lovelace Ordinary

A month after that pesky comet passes by, the denizens of Kepler prepare the station for the imminent arrival of the Task Force Commanding Officer. The woman not so fondly referred to as the Ice Queen will be conducting an inspection and torturing the senior staff with a tedious formal event.

Help us!!!

Side Event: TF38 Black Tie Event

Captain Blake and his Acting XO Lieutenant Isis Rae, attend a black tie event to meet the new Task Force Commanding Officer. Both Isis and Greg receive unwanted promotions, mingle with their peers, dance, get accosted by a reporter and wonder if everyone is crazy.

Mission 3: Halley's Complaint

A pesky comet passes close by Kepler, intermittently affecting the station's power supply. It also strands some of Kepler's marine fighters in space, having completely fried their systems. Rescue is imminent, while back on Kepler mayhem, hilarity and snogging ensue.


Interlude: Rutherford's Spork: The Finish Line

During this interlude those who had been off station for missions or leave return to Kepler.

Mission 2: Rutherford's Fork

Having lost a nacelle to the Tiddleoffs, USS Discovery limps to Kepler Station. A swarm of new staff, crew and their children make themselves at home, leaving engineering to clean up the big mess. A team of scientists, protected by marines, go planetside to Acheron and investigate a crystal city, while those left on station wine and dine the Havians a species that have a perverse idea as to what is fun...

What could go wrong...

Mission 1: Darwin's Malady

The Tiddleoffs are coming! We have no idea who these beings of the Delta Quadrant are but they're coming. Other fun filled activities on Kepler include a murder mystery, a real whodunnit with a candlestick in the Orchids & Jazz lounge. And holy borgsicles! We've just found a real live (see deactivated) Borg Drone in one of our science storage stasis chambers.

This will not end well...

Mission 0: Hello, my name is Kepler...

Typical meet and greet introductory mission. Crew arrive via the Iconian gateway on the assigned support vessel, or dropped off by other vessels already in the area.

Then some idiot flips a switch, pushes a button and all hell breaks loose...