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Sister Sims

See Former Sister Sims

Below are some of the simulations run by current, and former, players that are well worth a read.

U.S.S. Healy

U.S.S. Healy | Play By Nova | Star Trek Exploratory Sim | Rated PG13

In 2388, the U.S.S. Healy, under the command of Fleet Captain Benjamin Bahe, was transferred from the Gamma Quadrant to the Expanse in order to make use of the wide variety of mission capabilities that an Insignia class vessel would be capable o/The Healy is currently the lead vessel for Starfleet’s operations within the expanse, and is currently homeported within Federation space at Outpost 39, constructed near the entrance to the corridor.

U.S.S. Skylark

U.S.S. Skylark | Play By Nova | Star Trek Emergency Response Sim | Rated PG13

The Sunbird-class starship Skylark is specifically designed to perform as a mobile base of operations for a vast array of emergency situations whether they be spaceborne or within a number of planetary atmospheres. It can serve as an evacuation vessel, mobile hospital, or a portable industrial replicator capable of materializing what is needed to mitigate an emergency. In addition to its ability to deal with civilian emergencies the ship may also be used as an Emergency Tactical Response Platform as well. Whatever the emergency, the capable crew of the U.S.S. Skylark have it covered.