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Locked by the treacherous Badlands, the ever-shifting Cardassian Union, the powerful Breen, the multi-faced Ferengi and the mysterious Tholians, is the new home of Kepler Station, the Expanse. This region is a brand new theatre of operations for Starfleet that has therefore decided to allocate forces to its exploration, under the banner of the newly formed Task Force 92, under the command of Rear Admiral Jeremiah Holden (KS10.1: Honey, I'm Holm!).

Due to the delicate political nature of the Expanse, and the temperamental nature of the local powers shadowing the small area of Federation space surrounding Kepler Station, any and all Starfleet activity must be cautiously approached so as not to draw unwanted attention. Those matters were not helped at all by the disastrous events that unfolded during the Negotiations however provisional agreements were put in place that stabilised tensions as well as permitting previous, and a couple new, trade routes to remain active (KS13: Schwann-upmanship).

These events spurred Rear Admiral Holden to take action. He immediately formed the Expanse Oversight Advisory, a group made up of selection of Starfleet Officers, each one from a different division, who would govern all operations within the Expanse and essentially act as the voice of Starfleet Command (KS14.1: A Tiny Oversight).

Operations within the Expanse ran smoothly for a little while but then, a routine Away Mission to the planet Oratt IX caused ripples that would affect the Federation's presence in the Expanse for months to come. The team had been sent to study a rare mineral discovered on the planet but instead stumbled upon an amphibious species being hunted as slaves by Mustava, an Orion pirate (KS14: Curieosity Killed The Cat). After the pirate was driven from the planet the Oratti leader, Saba made a formal request to Captain Nikolas G. Bakyr to be allowed to petition directly to Starfleet Command for protection from future threats.

While the petition was being prepared Lt. Commander Hank McAllister authorised a team, lead by Lt. Commander Isis Rae to hunt down the pirate Mustava and retrieve their missing crew. This was the first of many less than savoury command decisions to come that displayed the Lt. Commander's readiness to defend Federation interests at any cost (KS15.2: Hunting Party).

Task Force Roster



  • U.S.S. Normandie, NCC-63112-B | Insignia-Class

  • U.S.S. Sagan, NCC-79831 | Nova-Class


  • U.S.S. Renaissance, NCC-26512 | Ambassador-Class