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Vidarr profile.jpg

Rank: Lieutenant JG
Position: Counselor
Player: Nick


Species: Gideonite
Gender: Male
Born: (31yo)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'0"

Usually maintains the slightest hint of beard growth, but only enough to be within the norm for a days growth. His left hand has a scar across the back of it from an university incident involving a Vulcan and a bottle of Romulan ale.


Often mistaken for brooding, he is actually rather cunning, almost to the point of ruthlessness. His means of getting people to where they need to be have often been flagged as more than unconventional, but it has been hard to argue with results.

As people become more aware of his quirky, and unorthodox methods of counselling, he becomes even more cunning considering it a challenge to trick his patients into a healthy mental state while believing they achieved it themselves.


Born and raised on Gideon, Vidarr has always been aware of the immensely difficult decision that was made by the generations that preceded him. He was taught much of the history of his people, and the part in which James T Kirk played in it. The impact that was made on the people Gideon was still being felt, and Vidarr could see it all about him.

Having effectively had death introduced to the populace in 2268, the people of Gideon had had to become adjusted to loss, shorter life spans, less perfect health and numerous other new experiences, just to keep their population in check. Too say it was 'culture shock' was an understatement. Many had been unprepared to deal with the new emotions brought about by these newly acquired parts of life. This led to an upswing in the demand for psychiatrists and the like. Vidarr was flagged early on for his potential in this field.

Not satisfied with simply training amongst those that were dealing with the same recently acquired social dynamics, Vidarr went to Earth to be schooled amongst those that accepted death and illness as part of existence and not some newly bane. It was his belief that in order to understand how to cope with it you needed to see how those that had always been that way dealt with it.

His studies took so much of his time it caused his social life to be somewhat stunted, but as his job involved working with people he felt as though he never lacked for social interaction. This changed though while counselling a particularly intriguing Deltan. Rilar absorbed his every thought, and roused emotion within him that he thought he could keep in check. The potential love affair was quelled when his teacher noted his attraction to the Deltan woman and reminded the soon to be doctor that there ought not to be any relationships with patients.

After receiving his bachelor's in psychology, Vidarr went on to work for Starfleet Command while finishing his Doctorate. His position there brought about many contacts and friendships with the upper echelon of Starfleet personal. He became a trusted counselor to a varied selection of officers in regards to their personal lives, as opposed to work itself. The admiration he had for officers grew to the point that he seriously considered attending the academy...or even enlisting, but he refused to take the chance.

There was a chance encounter with the Deltan Rilar, newly married and rather happy. The conversation strayed over drinks, and found Rilar eventually admitting that she had at one time been attracted to the newly minted Doctor Vidarr. Her parting words were to change the course of his life. "If only you knew how to take risks."

A week later a favour was called in. A commission was granted and Doctor Vidarr was given what he wanted, a challenge...and a risk.

Welcome to Kepler Station.


Newcomer Award
Mission: Honey, I'm Holm!
Argument / Disagreement
Challenge 1: 5th - 12th May, 2011